IGN: FIFA Street 3 Review

IGN writes-
The EA Sports BIG label has been something of a hit-or-miss affair for the videogame mega-publisher. Early in its life it had hits like NBA and NFL Street in its stable of titles but in recent years the lineup of arcade sports games has fallen by the wayside a bit thanks to tired gameplay and a general lack of depth. The FIFA Street series was sadly one of the first Street games to show signs of things going awry. After a two-year break from the concrete pitch the third entry is now hitting retailers, hoping to prove that arcade football can find new life on this round of consoles.

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LevDog3800d ago

What baffles me is... How these games are still being developed.. I mean seriously I would love it if they brought back.. ... ... ... ... .. DUN DUN DUN DUN ..... MUTANT LEAGUE SERIES... I mean seriously.. Those games were the freakin best.. Give up on street give up on it and go with the pure gold.. mutant league football baseball soccer hockey.. and dare I say GOLF haha k maybe not the last one.. I say we start bloggin... BRING BACK MUTANT LEAGUE BRING BACK MUTANT LEAGUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! NOW