YouTube on Wii U's browser is all kinds of amazing

Destructoid- It's been about a week since the Wii U launched, enough time to run the system through its paces. I've had my fair share of problems, and I really hope Nintendo addresses those matters sooner rather than later. However, there are other things that make me excited to see how the tech will be applied in the coming years.

I've kinda fallen in love with watching YouTube on my Wii U. I'm not talking about the dedicated YouTube app -- keep that sh*t away from me. You can't watch videos on the GamePad, and sometimes your subscription feed won't even load. What a joke.

No, I'm talking about using YouTube via the already amazing built-in browser. The level of convenience and functionality it provides is so remarkable that I can honestly see it being my go-to device for watching web videos. If you haven't already tried it, let me tell you what's in store.

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for we are many2036d ago

Happy to find someone writing about this, I've been saying to myself why am I the only one who noticed how impressive the browser on Wii U is and especially YouTube on that browser, both on the TV and the GamePad.

lashes2ashes2036d ago

True but the problem I have with the wiiU browser is certain sites like the when trying to go to them I get access denied lol. Must be a flash based thing.

2036d ago
black9112035d ago

You can't watch videos at 240p! Oh Nintendo, when will you ever catch up to 1999?

2035d ago
ape0072035d ago

Well Said Legion, well said

yeahokchief2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

You paid almost $500 on a console (after controllers, memory and a game) to watch youtube. Bravo.

The fact that the Wii stories we are reading is about this junk instead of GAMES speaks volumes. You guys wasted money.

Looking forward to picking up a Wii U if it goes on sale AND has games. Back to Hitman Absolution, Battle Royale, Max Payne 3 multi, Dark Souls, Twisted Metal Multi, PS Move bundle i got for $40 bucks with LBP2 on black friday, a few $10 ps move games I picked up on black friday, and all the other insanely cheap games/trilogy collections i picked up over the weekend for 10 bucks a pop. Sony is where the value is at!

PS. I thought about getting the $179 PS Vita bundle with 3 months PS+, but honestly I have so many games to play that I doubt I'll be able to finish them before the next big releases in February 2013. March is looking pretty good too. And everything gets put aside in May when GTA V is released or whenever they launch GTA. I'm assuming May because that's been their month for the past few years, but who knows.

Zhipp2035d ago

I'm confused. If one bought the Wii U just for Youtube, they wouldn't have spent more than $300+tax. The fact that you assume that they had to get storage, controllers, and a game means that you must believe that they bought the console for gaming, but that contradicts the very point of your post in the first place...

PopRocks3592035d ago



Oh of course. Let's shit on someone's experience with an app on a brand new gaming console because in my own little world every post they make has to cater to MY needs.

Grow up.

MultiConsoleGamer2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

The Wii U YouTube app is merely the PS3 YouTube app with limited tablet functions.

Meanwhile if you pair a smart phone with the ps3 YouTube app you get something far more full featured and useful. Not to mention easy to use and convenient.

360 YouTube app also does the same "pairing" thing...

1upgamer992036d ago

Clearly you have not used the Wii U online. I I have PS3 and all of my friends have the 360. Wii U puts their Online to shame. If you don't know what you are talking about do not post!

kobonline2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )


Some people clearly cant get past their biases.
They just cannot accept the fact that Nintendo (right now has the edge) because they have the best system out (right now), and they are making money from day 1.

With the first Wii, Nintendo played the long game must to the dismay of many, but it was a survival move. Now they have nothing to worry about if this system continues to sell.

I think Fanboys simply refuse to except that.
Their still in "Hardware Spec Fantasy Land".

Like I said earlier, unless something dramatically changes in a year or 3, how are Sony & Microsoft gonna catch up?

The only way to do that is to make a system for about $300 to $400, which is exactly what Nintendo did. If Sony & Microsoft charges $500 to $600 for a new console, they better be satisfied for 2nd & 3rd place and a low profit margin.

Thatguy-3102035d ago

Your a complete fanboy if you think the wii u puts currents consoles online to shame. And as far as having the best system out there right now it's somewhat bias since they have no software that shows how its above current consoles. Stick to your wii u and watch how the last of us shows zombie u how its done.

zgoldenlionz2035d ago

He's talking about the app not the browser homeboy.

MultiConsoleGamer2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

I bought a Wii U on day one along with 8 games.

So you'll have to think of another strawman to attack my argument.

Even if you're using just the browser, a "paired" tablet or smartphone and the PS3 or the Xbox 360 is still a better option for watching youtube than the Wii U.

And yes, the Wii U youtube app (talking about just the app here cause you guys missed the word "app" in my first post) is nothing more than the PS3 app with limited tablet functions.

profgerbik2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Who cares argue all you want about console internet experiences.

PC will always be better. So who cares at the end of the day when everyone practically owns a PC.

I don't spend hundred of dollars on a gaming machine to sit around on youtube or in a browser. Hell I don't even use the browser on my Galaxy S3.

Fuck that shit.

PopRocks3592035d ago

Fanboy or not, I like Miiverse a heckuva lot more than I like Xbox Live or PSN Home. So far there's been absolutely no stupid bullshit and the community is incredibly nice to interact with.

Anyone who plans on calling me out on that probably has not experienced it for themselves. Although I'd like to hear one legitimate complaint other than "Durr it took Nintendo too long to make their online good durrr".

The YouTube app is not even what I use to watch it. I use the web browser, which is more than I can say for the crap they use on the PS3 or 360. The Wii U browser is also vastly improved over its competition. Oh and I can watch YouTube on it more easily than the app. Go figure.


Yeah, I can't wait to see how not scary The Last Of Us will be. It's not a horror game, ding-dong. It's not even a first person shooer. You can't compare it to ZombiU at all.

younghavok2035d ago

And please let us not forget about Miiverse. I swear that thing is amazing. Before I play any game I hop in there first to see what people are talking about and some damn creative artwork. WiiU is for the gamers more so than either the PS3 or the 360. That browser works lightning fast, and as was said youtube works really good too. Nintendo got it right with this console, I realized just how much when I turned my tv off and went to lay down and took my online COD with me to bed for a few more rounds and then some Breaking Bad on Netflix.

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neogeo2035d ago

Ladies and Gents, the first troll has arrived:)

live2play2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

not the youtube APPLICATION

talking about going to YOUTUBE.COM on the BROWSER

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yewles12036d ago

WHY is there an app at all if that's the case?

ChickeyCantor2035d ago

Because it's more accessible.
Even if it seems trivial

YT-App -> search ->watch video


Browser -> favorite/type address for youtube -> search -> watch video.

You get the idea

2035d ago
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