Evolution wants MotorStorm to dominate

MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios has said that it wants to "dominate reaction racing for a long time".

Asked about the future of MotorStorm as part of a feature exploring the game's first year of downloadable add-ons, gameplay producer Jed Ashworth said the question "goes way beyond downloadable content".

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ngg123453658d ago

Outrageous number for an arcade racer.

Cartesian3D3658d ago

oh dear god .. I cant wait for Motorstorm 2 ..

hope to see it in 2008 ...

Anything but Cute3658d ago

All this game needed was split screen multi player. That was insane not to have it.

Iron Man 23658d ago

Dark Sniper has really enjoyed playing through MotorStorm on PLAYSTATION®3,he absolutely can't wait for part 2 by the fabulous Evolution Studios


ephoenix63658d ago

ephoenix6 doesn't like it when people comment in third person. He finds it weird and creepy.

Cwalat3658d ago

it still tops every single offroad racing game out there!
Hope they release new stuff on Motorstorm 2 though, and this time include Splitscreen.

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The story is too old to be commented.