A soldier’s perspective on Call of Duty and its ilk (interview)

GamesBeat talks to a combat vet about Black Ops II and first-person shooters.

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Welshy1942d ago

My favourite part of the in-article video was footage of an "Infinity Ward Beta Testing Center".

Now that's just wishful thinking!

wita1942d ago

Really interesting stuff.

-Mika-1942d ago

Ya but I felt that this was one big advertisement for Killzone. Not that it a bad thing but it like use some other examples. There are other games out there like Medal of honor that is more realistic.

rpd1231942d ago

But he said several times that Medal of Honor had more inaccuracies than Killzone.

LouisGarcia1942d ago

Yeah, I wrote a piece like this after my friend was shot in Afghanistan, and Medal of Honor was something we talked a lot about. He had some really great insights about shooters and other genres representing war, and how it helped his PTSD.

Lifeequals421942d ago

Yeah, the MoH reboot took great pains to honor the troops, and at least in a narrative sense, seemed a lot more realistic than CoD. Then again, MoH was based on Operation Anaconda of the Afghanistan war while CoD takes its cue from Hollywood action flicks.

belac091942d ago

great unterview, i really like when we can get a real soldier's P.O.V on military games.