Forza Horizon Tanking Just a Month After Release

Is Forza Horizon going down the drain just a month after its release? The game is currently on sale for an incredibly low price which is not typical for games that are new and succeeding. Read our thoughts on the game and why it may be failing already.

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Abash2006d ago

Microsoft released way too many Forza's this gen, Forza 4 sold a lot less than Forza 3 yet still they tried to milk the series and are just damaging it. Spin-off or not, they are making the Forza brand tired and unappealing to consumers with yearly titles now

Alduin2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

I agree. I loved and played the 1st Forza Motorsport to death, same with 2 but the last few titles just seem to be Microsoft & Turn 10 trying to make Forza the CoD franchise of the racing sector of 360 gamers. Forza Hoirzon seemed like a terrible time when I first heard about it and it looks like that thought is proving to be true.

EDIT: Let's also not forget about the seemingly endless stream of car pack DLCs that were released, too.

CalvinKlein2006d ago Show
Blacktric2006d ago


Implying ratings mean sh*t...

Also accusing someone of being a fanboy of anything just because they don't have the same opinions as you.................

Stay classy.

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AD7052006d ago

I loved the original forza to death as well. I use to have a copy then my friend did something with it (bastard)

T3MPL3TON 2006d ago

I loved Forza 1-3.. 4 was just too early I hadn't even completed Forza 3 completely before I was being asked to take another go. don't think they tried to make this like CoD but rather like Need for Speed. It was better when all they wanted to do was compete with Gran Tourismo. They beat GT at it's own game and decided lets beat Need for Speed too. That was a terrible mistake.

Tr10wn2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )


"lol And if Forza is so much better and gets much more publicity than GT5 then why does it sell way less?"

Really?? i was about to let you find out whats wrong with what you said there but apparently you are not too good at logics and facts, let me just put it this way, why BF3 is better than MW3 "Rating and Gameplay" but it sells way less than MW3 even when they did the same or even more publicity than MW3? and yes rating matter lol, your point is doesnt make sense and from where did you get the idea of Forza getting more publicity than GT5? even MCR was promoting it like crazy lol, GT was the first for everyone into race sims it will always sell more it really doesnt take a sherlock to notice that, i even had a PS3 getting dust just to play GT5.

GT5 was a flop they focus on content over quality overall sure 200 cars looks great but more than half of the game didnt in fact they look exactly like GT4 graphics, Forza is way better this gen Sim and Arcade, Horizon is an excellent choice for NFS fans, and yes i dont agree MS milking the serie but they are not doing a bad job they are improving the graphics every time and implementing new features, the only thing wrong with horizon is the lack of cars even tho they had more cars than any NFS but for a Forza game 120+ cars is just too little and you can setup your cars beside that its the best open world racing game i have played, This article is pointless i didnt even click it, it avoids the solid fact we just pass black friday and its christmas shopping weekend, last year i bought AC REV for $29.99 just days after it was released that just prove how pointless and stupid this article is...

nukeitall2006d ago

Forza has been very well received by the critics and I think the drop in price is more due to the competition. Recent games like Dishonored, Xcom and a bunch others which received very high marks all received a huge price cut to $25 or lower.

You really have to compare it to their peers and not to zoom in on a specific game. The target market for racing games are way smaller than shooters so yes, it will be impacted more.

EVILDEAD3602006d ago

It's the holidays and gamesof all different genres are getting great deals.

Forza Horizon is $34.99 on right now.

to compare

Need for Speed: Most wanted which came out a week later is on sale for $29.99.

In fact, Forza Horizon limited edition is still over 70 dolars.

Forza horizon is an amazing game and is got a great reception from critics and fans.

The bottomline is you have another great franchise under the Turn 10 umbrella that has put out the best racing game of the year.

hopefully this is just a great start to what may be a long standing franchise alternating with the main Forza staple of games.


ALLWRONG2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Maybe I should have just made a pro GT5 comment and it wouldn't have been marked for trolling.

Anyway the holiday shopping season and bundles will push Forza ahead. MS likes to bundle Forza games and they sell like crazy. Much like they did last year when they helped the 360 outsell the competition world wide.

jadenkorri2006d ago

I love this site...oh my god, you don't agree with me, he's a PS3 Fanboy, get away from me you filthy, mind-sucking, swine...

snowman21492006d ago

I got forza horizon for just $15 at walmart on black friday, I just noticed how no one really gave a shit about it..thinking about returning it now, are a lot of people playing the game or not really?

memots2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

So now rating matters ? Wasn't there a big call to say that metacritic was stupid since some low score for Halo 4 got counted on metacritic but now it matters ?

No Rating do not matter and sale certainly don't matters either. You think i enjoy less BF3 because it sold less than MW3 or blops2 or that it has a lower rating than other game X ?

Gamer this Gen are going crazy. Sales , ratings and stock price ??? Really ?? How bout this , I plan on getting Forza horizon because it looks fun? I am waiting for the goty edition with all the dlc.

Eyeco2005d ago

apples and oranges really, I like GT5 more because i find it be a better simulation, Forza may be the overall better game but , but GT5 is just simply a better simulator which i prefer it, to each his own tho

AsimLeonheart2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

There goes the Gran Turismo KILLER! LOL! After all the hype and after Turn 10 running their mouths to bad mouth Polyphony Digital and Gran Turismo, they cant even lay a finger on Gran Turismo. That is what happens to copycat, wannabe and me too franchises. The same thing happened to Splinter Cell which was supposedly going to challenge Metal Gear Solid. When Microsoft entered the gaming industry they created a lot of copycat and wannabe franchises for each of Playstation's franchises. Fable is equal to Final Fantasy but flopped, Otogi was equal to Onimusha but flopped, Splinter Cell is equal to Metal Gear but flopped, Forza/Project Gotham was equal to Gran Turismo but flopped, There was also a fighting game equal to Tekken but flopped. None of those games were able to make a mark on the industry or become AAA and now are almost dead. Forza is the last remnant of Microsoft's copycat era. Microsoft has given up on other genres and first party studios now and just hang on to third party shooters for their sales. The have really dumbed down the industry to run and gun online.

jimbobwahey2005d ago

I feel the same way, I really loved Forza 2 as well. When Forza 3 released I thought it was good, but was quite a small improvement over the second game, and Forza 4 was even less of an improvement which soured me on the franchise. It felt more like DLC packaged as a brand new game, which lead to me switching over to GT5 instead, which I've had a lot of fun with.

I gave the demo for Forza Horizon a whirl though, but that didn't really impress me either. I think that they should spend more time on Forza games really and work on adding a lot of new content and features. My friends and I have all given up on it thanks to each new game only being a very slight improvement and offering barely any new content. We just feel that it's a rip off to be honest, and doesn't justify the price tag when it offers so little.

360ICE2005d ago

How on planet earth is CalvinKlein trolling?
The worst thing is that if he had added, "I like GT, but" he'd be totally fine.

He's totally free to hate GT without being a troll for that reason. Not that he said he hated it.

Anyway, I do in fact like both Forza and GT, and I gotta say, Horizon looks and plays amazing. It really does set itself apart from 3 and 4 so I wouldn't call it milking just yet.

Yi-Long2005d ago

... but there's no way I'm EVER buying a Forza game at release for full-price, considering the DLC-milking they always do.

I loved the first Forza on my original Xbox. Forza 2 was more like Forza 1.5 HD (won the game in a competition), Forza 3 was also more of the same. Great game, but I waited for the 'Complete' release and picked that up new for under 10 bucks.

Haven't bothered with Forza cause there's no complete release for that, and by now I'm not even interested anymore.

And as I mentioned I liked the Forza Horizon demo, but I would never pick up the game as long as they're doing so much DLC-milking with it.

I don't buy incomplete games. I don't support greedy DLC-milking developers.

pixelsword2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

@ calvin @ allWrong;


rated better == is better

Like how FF XIII is rated higher on the 360 "in some places" than on the PS3.

Because it is truly better, right?

At any rate, the first Forza was in some ways a breath of fresh air compared to the GT series in terms of customization because the Forza devs seemed to have listened to the GT fans when they were asking Polyphony for customization and the guys at Poly didn't want to listen. Overall, I did like playing GT5 more and was the better simulation game, I thought Forza was a more fun game to play; especially if you like spending lots of time mixing lines and colors together to make a car you think looks nice.

One thing I didn't like about GT5 was they really needed to have the insides of every car, plus looking at the shadows of the cars from other perspectives, it seemed like they cut corners on that part or maybe lost some data and used 1st person data for the outside car views because of the pixels. Forza has pretty much smooth shadows that I can remember.

Dee_912005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

I dont know about tanking but I think most people who bought forza bought it because it was the GT equivalent for xbox360 and this isnt, its an arcade racer and it isnt made by Turn 10.Il give it a rent tho.That car selection is looking jizz worthy.

@ everybody saying forza is better than GT5 or vice versa.IMO forza is the better video game.But simulator wise it goes to GT5 and im asumming most people who buy these types of games prefer a good simulator over a good game.Reviews reviewed them as video games not simulators.Meaning easily accessible from the beginning, game modes etc. all which forza has more of.

gt5 has dynamic shadows.Thats the reason gt5 HAD jaggy shadows back when it first came out.Now you can barely tell atleast compared to how bad they use to be.(Dynamic shadows because of the time progression. ) So no that wasnt the result of shortcuts.

pixelsword2003d ago


I didn't say they did, I said it seemed as if they did.


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BlmThug2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Couldn't agree with you more. Forza 3 was a noticable improvement over Forza 2 and I loved it yet I was dissapointed with Forza 4 due to it's lack of innovation over Forza 3. The sales speak the truth too:

Forza 3: 5.16 Million
Forza 2: 3.99 Million
Forza 4: 2.65 Million
Forza Horizon: 0.61 Million

yourfather2006d ago

Why use VGChartz?plus according to VGChartz,F4 will over 4 million after this holiday(bundle you know,happened in Forza 2 and 3,of course will happen in 4 since it's also in holiday bundle)

jimbobwahey2005d ago

Yeah, I think a lot of people are wising up to their strategy of pushing out a new game every couple years with the bare minimum of new content. Even many reviews for the games point out how T10 scrapes by with adding as little content as possible with each game. I wish they'd stop doing it really and release some proper sequels, not miniscule upgrades that look poor even in comparison to yearly sports games.

I'm curious though, what the sales figures for this franchise would be like if they didn't pack the games in with consoles and count that as a sale. I've no doubt that over half of the 'sales' for this game are people getting them bundled when they buy a 360, since the Forza franchise seems to be Microsoft's go-to franchise for something to bundle in with consoles.

It is a shame however, since when Forza 2 released it blew my mind how amazingly fun it was. I made the leap to Forza 3 like everyone else too, but I think the sharp decline in sales for Forza 4 is people getting frustrated with the major lack of new content/features with each new game, or they jumped ship to GT5 since it released between Forza 3 and Forza 4 (which might also explain the drop in 3 million sales).

humbleopinion2005d ago

Each iteration of Forza is bringing up more new content in 2 years then most racing franchises bring over in a decades. Sales over similar timeframe also show an increase in each franchise iteration.

Not to mention Horizon is something completely different coming from another studio. It's like the difference between NFS Shift and the Criterion open world NFS games...

Lvl_up_gamer2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Well there are a couple ways to look at this.

Regardless of how well or poorly each Forza sold, bottom line is that each Forza released this gen combined has generated MS a lot of revenue.

So, from an economical standpoint, MS are the ones laughing to the bank.

Now from a critical standpoint. Not a single Forza title by Turn 10 has rated lower than a 9/10. Each Forza improves on the last on every aspect. So whether you are a hardcore Forza fan like me and purchased every Forza since release or you just bought Forza 4, you are purchasing the highest rated racing sim released this gen packed with amazing content.

Now here is my gripe. People don't like purchasing a product when they know the better version will be released not to long later. Only Apple junkies keep purchasing a product that has little to no upgrades over the last version 6-12 months later.

Forza releases too close to each other and the average consumer starts to become wary of purchasing a game that they feel they just bought a year or so earlier, regardless if it's actually a better product then the last. Hence why Forza 4 sales have not been that great when compared to Forza 2 or Forza 3.

But again, if we didn't have so many Forza's released this gen, then Forza 3 may have been the last Forza we saw this gen and gamers such as myself would have been deprived of experiencing the greatness of Forza 4.

I love Forza 4, and am so happy MS released it this gen. Looking forward to Forza 5 on the 720.

aviator1892006d ago

I couldn't agree with you more.
As a forza fan and racing enthusiast, I love forza games. Even the new one was pretty fantastic, considering it wasn't primarily developed by turn 10.

medziarz2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

there's one other way to look at it - racers on the 360 don't sell,

the population is not interested in them, despite Forza being MS first party and 9.5 rated every time. Xbox owners only play games about killing - Gears, Halo, CoD, Battlefield, Skyrim and just wait till GTA5 - there's some driving there ;P

Further more - this gen is something odd - almost all games and bestselling franchises are M-rated (killing). E-rated games don't sell well this gen (except for Gran Turismo) on both PS3 and 360.

Lvl_up_gamer2006d ago

@ medziarz

Those titles you just listed are also the highest selling franchises on the PS3 as well.

So NO, I wouldn't agree with you. Racers have taken a back seat to FPS as the "IN" genre.

GT5 has a large following, as well as there has only been 1 full GT retail game released this gen, so if you wanted a GT game this gen, there was only 1 to choose from. When it comes to the 360, you have 4 different Forza games to choose from.

Shooters are the highest selling genre this gen. Racers just haven't been very popular aside from GT5's sales and the combined sales of Forza. The Need for Speed series is sputtering at the starting line, Blur, Split Second engines died before hitting the first turn. Racers are just no longer #1. Shooters are, and the sales of those shooters show on BOTH consoles, not just the 360.

mcstorm2006d ago

@medziarz I was just thinking the same thing. I have had all the Forza games and for me I think each one has got better and better each game. I also Love forza Horizon it is a nice change to the Forza game and I really like what PlayGround have done.

I have also had every GT game and I have to say for me GT5 is the worst out of them all but I don't blame PD for this I think Sony forced them to release it early and it has got better with the updates.

But If you look at the best selling games on the 360 and PS3 they are M-Rated and this is also part of the reason why we have not seen a lot of new IPs from MS over the past few ways as the ones they have had Alan Wake, Forza Horizon have been imo there games of the year in there gore but have not hit the sales of Forza, Halo and Gears.

Also games don't need to sell millions to be a success PG and MS will of had a target to try and reach to see if this game was a success as bringing a game out this time of year on the 360 is going to have a very hard time selling with COD BO and Halo 4 being out.

Its the same with Sony with LBP Karting and PS All stars.

Jazz41082006d ago

I love forza games but the issue I have and this is not just forza or ms its the industry. The early adopters get screwed as they always get hit with full price and a few months after the dirt settles they release a cheaper version with all the added dlc content. I think if they do this they should update all the early adopters content they have not purchased to be on par with the complete version. Just my rant.

killerhog2005d ago

Since forza 2, the forza games had a diminutive upgrade over the other. I really would like to know how genuine its reviews were for it. gt5 got nit picked with staged videos and journalist admitting they only played 5-10% of the game? Racing sims fans are loyalist and if forza was truly the best "sim" it should easily make gran turismo sale figures.

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fermcr2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Forza Horizon is a very good game but Microsoft needs to rest the franchise. They shouldn't release a Forza game every year. I know it's a different game then Forza 4, but still... there are just so many racing games coming out every year.

They need to invest in new IP's, let the developers do something different.

torchic2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

as a PS3 onwer I would sure love Forza on my PS3. if I had the spare cash I would buy a 360 just for Forza. no need for Microsoft to rest the franchise, they just have to ease the constant stream of new Forzas that are released. maybe it's a bit fatigued, but a new console holds opportunity for a fresh start and new possibilities.

DeadAggressor2006d ago

It's not that the forza franchise is being milked, not at all. the problem is that they're too many racing games period for any to focus on any one title. Need for speed is constantly going off the hook with this and that. and there's dirt and grid!!

too many, and a lot of them are scoring decent to pretty well. need for speed most wanted is getting good it's conflicting.

it's like if you put killzone vs COD and measure sales in a simultaneous launch competition.

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showtimefolks2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )


please don't say that because you will hurt the fanboys feelings. your statement not only holds for Forza but a lot of other games.

GT5 one game sold almost 10 million forza 3 games didn't

GT5:P a demo sold 5 million

you don't need many games how about release one than add paid/free dlc. Oops its MS so no free dlc all paid

as a racing fan i wiill admit forza is a better racer than GT but GT is a better SIM than forza. there are things both should learn from each other.

don't worry next year there will be forza 5. forza horizon had a season pass that cost as much as the game itself.

reading some of the comments if sales aren't everything than how come when a ps3 exclusive doesn't set the sale record its considered a failure? gaming media these days.

forza doesn't sell oh well its still the best racer

infamous 2 sells 1-2 million its a flop?

most of us the real gamers yeh i said it real gamers have been saying this for years, sales doesn't mean game is good or bad. look at COD sales wise that means its the best game ever made but there are other FPS which are better

irepbtown2005d ago

Well that's gamers for you.

One minute Reviews and Sales matter, the next they don't. If Forza gets a bashing, sales matter reviews dont.
If GT5 gets a bashing, reviews matter and sales don't. It's nit picking from all fanboys. Hypocrisy at its finest...

Forza is a great racing game, GT5 is a great racing sim. I personally think Forza Horizon is a sweet sweet game. I don't have an xbox, but played it at my friends house and was hooked for god knows how long.

2006d ago
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

1 franchise down 2 to go?
halo kart would fix that.

GuyThatPlaysGames2005d ago

Forza is a great series!!! I really wouldn't mind a bi-yearly release (every 2 years). I really liked the new direction Horizon has taken but I don't feel it's the future of the series. It was a breath of fresh air. Only thing hurting them IMO is the daily release of DLC cars.

morkendo232005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

360 article oops, nevertheless have not played forza. im a GT5 ,NFS gamer .

NastyLeftHook02005d ago

yes, its too bad nobody cares about forza, and everyone is playing gran turismo 5. (the best racer imo).

The truth hurts.

Godmars2902005d ago

Wasn't Forza 4 just Froza 3 with a Kinect update?

I mean honestly. It might have had new cars, but the chief reason it was put out was to promote Kinect.

geddesmond2005d ago

Lol at all the fanboys arguing over which franchise is better. Both franchises are good but I'll leave you cry babies with this. If it wasn't for the Gran Turismo series they wouldn't be a Forza from MS so as much as yous want to cry over the GT series yous should really be thanking its success for a game yous all love and say what yous want about GT. It is a brilliant racer and anyone who denies that are in denial, and I ain't talking about the river.

xtremeimport2005d ago

I still dont even understand what the game is and its purpose. reason why I never even considered buying it.

TXIDarkAvenger2005d ago

Can't lie though, Forza 4 was an amazing game. Simply blown away by the graphics and everything. Horizon on the other hand wasn't that awesome as I would have imagined, then again Turn10 didn't make it I believe.

2005d ago
aquamala2005d ago

Yes it's been sold for $15 , but so is LBP Karting at Target yesterday, it's an even more recent game

Gamer19822005d ago

Thing is though this happens with all MS exclusives the games sell stupidly well day 1 then hardly any afterwards. Because the same people who buy them, buy the sequels each year they have a problem getting new customers.

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GalacticEmpire2006d ago

Good for you!

Just goes to show that sales aren't everything, although some people would have you believe that because a few Playstation exclusives don't do 5m+ they aren't worth playing. Same applies here, Forza is still a decent game even it never does GT5 numbers.

killerhog2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Besides gears, halo and forza (after years) 360 games don't break or barely break a million. At least most ps3 games can break over 1-3 million from different genres and not just "shooters". That's what Xbox fanboys need to understand.

mcstorm2005d ago

Im still enjoying it too. Imo the best racer this year. I have nfs but on the psv and it is a fun game but if i had to pick one fh is my choice.

Its sold very well in the uk like most racing games do but the usa are all about fps. For forza to get gt numbers ms need to get more sales in europe but i do think we will see a number 2.

Alduin2006d ago

@Calvin - Wouldn't let me click reply to your comment for some reason but I meant to say terrible idea* for one. For two, I'm definitely not a "PS3 fanboy". I primarily play Xbox 360 and PC. For 3, yes, these are "Black Friday" deals. But even that being the case most successful games don't go for anything less than $29.99 on sale, not $14.99.

Remember, this IS an opinion piece. But I do believe the significant price drop, Black Friday or not, reflects on the success of the game itself. It's not unheard of for a game to go on sale for $10 to $20 off but $45 off? That's a huge drop.

Kalowest2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Actually alot of new games were "less than $29.99 on sale" on Black Friday, most were $25 at WalMart(making most $35 off).

modesign2005d ago

picked up need for speed most wanted for ps3 for 30 bucks. awesome deal

Cocozero2006d ago

Still the best racing franchise this gen, low sales doesn't change that.

Alduin2006d ago

I agree. Forza has always generally always been great. Before I played Forza I was wanting to see the Gran Turismo series make its way onto the Xbox platform but Forza has been pretty good. If it is dying off, I will be deeply saddened. There truly isn't a comparable racing game for the Xbox 360 right now.

neoMAXMLC2006d ago

"Before I played Forza I was wanting to see the Gran Turismo series make its way onto the Xbox platform"

lol You're funny.

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