December 2012 Upcoming Video Game Releases For Xbox 360 & PC

With the busy release month of November finally over, December on the Xbox 360 and PC brings along just a few downloadable titles, as well as a couple pieces of DLC for some big games, and the awesome Far Cry 3.

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Relientk772005d ago

Far Cry 3, and Hawken looks awesome

TrendyGamers2005d ago

Hawken does look like a lot of fun.

shodan742005d ago

I think it's fair to say that Far Cry 3 looks jaw-droppingly good.

LAWSON722005d ago

So happy i get go play far cry 3 since i got a hd 7950 with 3 free games, far cry 3, hitman, and sleeping dogs. If not it would have been a while til i bought it.