Gran Turismo 5's Second Anniversary

Take a look back at the last 12 months of GT5 as the game celebrates two years since launch.

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KangarooSam1972d ago

Just got the XL Edition with my first PS3, can't wait to catch up! :D

medziarz1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

how much megz of update data was there for the XL edition?

Skate-AK1972d ago

I'm pretty sure the whole 2.0 update is on disc.

GreenRanger1972d ago

I thought it said "5 second anniversary" at first glance. :-)

Felonycarclub81971d ago

I guess am not the only one lol

Cam9771972d ago

I've spent so long on gt5!

jimbobwahey1972d ago

Really great game, I still love how much longevity the course generator has added to the game, especially since you can race on custom tracks online. That combined with the dynamic weather and time of day really have been fantastic additions to the series.

Also gets my vote for best multiplayer setup of any racing game I've yet played. Having such a casual setup with open track days where you can just run hot laps and pull into the pits, change cars etc and then everybody decides "Hey, let's start the race" is just awesome and really innovative. The whole online mode is one gigantic sandbox which is great.

Still, I'm excited for the eventual release of GT6 whenever that is since there's some tracks from GT4 that I really miss, and I'm very excited about possible additions to the course generator feature!

Gran Touring1972d ago

Gotta agree about the course generator; it may be limited but it add so much re playability seeing what people can come up with. I can't wait for the next GT game that will hopefully come with a more complete editor, allowing us to edit topography, weather, tracks etc...

Locksus1972d ago

I like the game! Night races are my favourite, especially around the Nurburgring!

In my opinion, both Forza and GT are great series.

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The story is too old to be commented.