Hitman Absolution patch is on the cards

A possible edit of the disguise system in Hitman Absolution is on the cards, as fans have moaned about the current set up rather a lot.

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ThichQuangDuck2007d ago

I am playing on purist and understand what they were going for. However how it was implemented more feels unfair to the player. I love Splinter Cell don't get me wrong,but hitman was more about social stealth. His weapon of stealth was disguises to fit into the social environment. This becomes to a point of too realistic and not fun. Defeats the purpose of calling it a game so much. Gamers want to goof off even if it doesn't necessarily always make sense. Enemies instantly recongnize you in disguises even if you are far away. I hear other difficulties are the same way. So I am glad this is being patched.

Muffins12232007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Yea,i think that acully ruined the game for me.Whats the point of even disguising if they recognized you in 2 seconds.I mean,they pretty much force you to go gun blazing to kill your target or get past people.... i honestly hope they just scrap the detection system for the disguises.Hope there's a mod that does this.

2pacalypsenow2007d ago

Im playing on Hard and dont even bother using disguises since they dont work very well I rather sneak and hide but this patch sounds really good im loving this game so far even tho blood money is much better IMO

ChipChipperson2007d ago

Yeah, I was playing on one of the professional difficulties my second playthrough and it was way easier to just sneak moving from cover to cover than getting a disguise, of course, there were sections where the disguise was absolutely needed to get through using stealth tactics like that courtroom level.

Valenka2007d ago

Thank God. While I didn't have much of an issue with it, at least they're listening to the fans. Now all I can hope for is being able to choose which weapons to take with me during missions.

CC-Tron2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

The player should also be allowed to start a level with a disguise. It's makes no sense for Agent 47 to start a mission wearing an expensive suit that would stand out in any crowd.

SnotyTheRocket2007d ago

Ah, yes, but Agent 47 looks like a badass in this expensive suit.

Eyesoftheraven2007d ago

Plays too much like they wre attempting to make Metal Gear Solid.

2pacalypsenow2007d ago

Not really MGS didnt introduce disguises until MGS 2 in 2001 in hitman its the base of the game since 2000 Hitman Absolution plays nothing Like MGS and In MGS you dont hide among the people 2 different types both good in what they Do

Eyesoftheraven2007d ago

It's not an open sand box, pick your load out and execute a plan like the old games. Your constantly running from the police and sneaking past guards over performing dedicated hits.

Ducky2007d ago

^ It is still a sandbox.

For the more classic type of gameplay, there's contracts mode.

ab5olut10n2007d ago

Hopefully it'll be an option to change the system so the people who do like it can keep their play style intact. But this is pretty cool, devs acting on player feedback this quickly.

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The story is too old to be commented.