New Xbox 360 Sku on the Way? Confuses


"There's been quite a bit of evidence for a new Xbox 360 sku, or at least a sign that Microsoft will be putting out new models, whether they have any major hardware additions or not. Apparent shortages in the United States, a bigger appearance at this weeks GDC, and now are adding to the pile."

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gamesblow3832d ago

I told you all... haahha

power of Green 3832d ago

You told us?, the only console not constantly changing is the Wii.

Bill Gates3832d ago

And just what are you doing still here Power of BABOONS? Shouldn't you be working collecting money to pay for this next SKU that you hero is set to release?

When sales dip, make another SKU and sell it to the same BABOONS. They're sure to buy it.

M$, and the BABOONS crack me up....AHAHHAHAHHAHA

Peekay3832d ago

Wow - i was just saying this yesterday and i had ten disagrees. I was trying to explain this was a good thing and would go a long way in fixing RROD if the didn't starve the distribution channels, but no - they just wouldn't listen.

gamesblow3832d ago

No, I posted a new xbox 360 was in the works weeks ago. This site and you all failed to believe me. What you also fail to realise is that I'm in a position of knowing what I order and what I receive. I'm in the lead position of not only my district but the state I'm in.

I see trends in how things are shipped... I've been consistantly right with my information, documented on my blogsites and everyone who goes there knows it.

Iamback3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Yes i remember. Nice one gamesblow, keep up good work.

wardrox3832d ago

and i posted a new SKU was in the works about 2 years ago. There is _always_ a new SKU in the works, this is just showing a possible warm up for the announcement.

Congratulations on always being right, and being so modest about it.

MrWonderful3832d ago

please make one that is not loud as h3ll and i can play for hours on end so i can enjoy lost odyssey like i should without fear of a break down. (on 3rd 360)

cokzilla233832d ago

heres hoping you finally get your wish!

avacadosnorkel3832d ago

I wonder how many suckers will pony up for another 360. From what I read here, there seems to be quite a few that already have multiple 360s already.

InYourMom3832d ago

seem to be having an effect on the stellar games the 360 has received since it's launch. Also, the PC which has games that graphically blow console's out of the water have done just fine with DVD. And before you say, well they have an HDD, dev's can use the HDD if they need to just look at Burnout Paradise.

Here we are going on the PS3's second year and it still hasn't shown that Br is necessary; in the future maybe.

Skerj3832d ago

PC games RARELY stream completely off the disc without an install though.

Young Capwn3832d ago

Lost Oddesy? or how ever its spelled!

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The story is too old to be commented.