5 Reasons PC Gaming Is Better Than Consoles

The Games Cabin: Gaming on PC has its downfalls, yesterday I posted ‘5 Reasons Why The PC Is The Worst Platform To Game On‘ explaining the problems the PC has.

That’s not to say the PC is all bad, in fact it’s far from it.

Today, as promised, I’m going to explain why the PC is also the best platform to get your gaming buzz off.

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Kamikaze1351979d ago

These opinion articles are dumb. I don't meant o seem immature, but that's just how I feel about them. I have a gaming PC, but I still prefer to play on console and handhelds from time to time.

CalvinKlein1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

did you think the one that said consoles are better than PCs was dumb too? Or is this one dumb because you like consoles more?

Neither PC or consoles are better than each other. Gaming on PC AND console is better than gaming on just console or just PC. Thats the only true statement you can say on the matter. Anything else is just being biased and wrong.

MysticStrummer1979d ago

"Neither PC or consoles are better than each other. Gaming on PC AND console is better than gaming on just console or just PC. Thats the only true statement you can say on the matter. Anything else is just being biased and wrong."

You just explained why both articles are dumb. Dime a dozen wastes of virtual space, just like most of what shows up here at N4G.

schlanz1979d ago


In a perfect world, every game would be released for PC. But since that's not reality, any system that has great games to play be it PC, Xbox, PS3, Wii, 3DS, Vita, iPad/tablet/smartphone, is worth playing! True gamers play games, not systems.

ShinMaster1979d ago

I don't know whether to feel bad for them or laugh.

There are many reasons why people choose to play on consoles than on PC and vice versa.
All I know is that I'd be missing out on a lot of stuff if I only played on one system...specifically PC.

Kamikaze1351979d ago

I never said I like consoles more.

Gamer19821979d ago

I have a ps3 and pc, I use my PS3 for RPGs and dynasty warriors and PC for everything else. All multi-platform games I get on PC and you would be mad not to. I had a 360 aswell until a couple of month ago when I sold it due to having no reason to hold onto it after dance central got stale and better FPS games on PC.

DragonKnight1978d ago

How many articles do insecure PC fanboys need that say "this is why gaming on PC's is better?"

Seriously. If you look, the ratio of "Why gaming on PC's is better than consoles" articles surpasses articles of the opposite, and it's not due to any kind of validity of the statement. It's literally because those who make the articles are insecure PC fanboys who see that consoles are a lot more popular that PC's for gaming, and get a lot more of the focus from developers.

We get it, PC's have better tech, have mods, and have Steam. You don't have to keep parroting it ad nauseum. Fact is is that PC's have the stigma of appearing to be a lot more complicated to get into than consoles. The second PC gaming doesn't involve numerous tweaks, configurations, and troubleshooting is the second you can make another article entitled "now PC gaming is as easy to get into as consoles."

But seriously, both articles are stupid. They don't convince either side of anything.

decrypt1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Console gaming is just too expensive and keeps you under the control of the console maker, no freedom what so ever.

Buy games at 60usd vs 40-50usd on PC

no mods what so ever, console makers dont like lives of games getting extended via mods, they want to sell as much sequels and dlcs as possible, hence console gamers hardly see games with mods.

PC games drop much faster in prices, I just preordered Tombraider with Green man gaming for 33usd, can never get those prices on console.

BC on console is like a fairytale, console makers dont like console gamers having a library. They want console gamers to buy games all the time, hence no gaurantees of BC. Hell they market HD remakes as BC. Will be funny when next consoles launch and console gamers lose all their libraries.

Consoles are expensive to maintain too, the bluray drive went bad- replace console
PSU went bad- replace console
GPU burnt out- replace console.

PC might be a lil more expensive to start off but you face none of these headaches. You arent under some companies control when it comes to BC, cheaper prices all the time, maintenance and upgrades are dirt cheap compared to console.

MAJ0R1978d ago

I disagree with everyone saying this article is dumb. The PC is factually better than consoles. Whether or not you can afford to play on the PC or whether it's more convenient to own a console over a PC is completely subjective. It's not subjective that PC offers way more than consoles do.

Planetside 2 for example is better than many if not all AAA Xbox 360 and PS3 FPS and yet it's F2P. I do agree that you should own a console to play console games. I own a PS3 for it's exclusives only.

Outside_ofthe_Box1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )


You have no idea what you are talking about.

Consoles are not expensive to maintain at all because they require no maintenance. You act as if a console's GPU or bluray drive burning out/going bad is common. Those are rare occurrences. PSU was only a major issue this gen and is more or less under control now. BUT what is common is for PC gamers to keep upgrading their PCs to make sure they meet the requirements to play the latest games on max settings. And don't give me that BS that upgrading is cheap. I bet some have second jobs trying to keep up with constant evolving tech.

And I have no idea why you are even talking about game prices when most don't even buy games, but instead pirate it. That is the reason why PC games or any game for that matter drop in price fast because the game is not selling. And don't give me that "I don't pirate" BS as not too long ago you was cheering about the fact that the Wii U isn't an overly powerful console because it would allow for it to be emulated quickly and that you can't wait to emulate it on your PC. Ironic that you even want to waste time emulating an "inferior" console.

***"BC on console is like a fairytale, console makers dont like console gamers having a library. They want console gamers to buy games all the time, hence no gaurantees of BC. Hell they market HD remakes as BC. Will be funny when next consoles launch and console gamers lose all their libraries."***

LOL All I need to say is one thing to refute everything you just spouted here... ***WII U*** ... If "console makers" don't want console gamers having a library then why is the Wii U BC/w Wii games? You say it's funny that when next consoles launch console gamers will lose all their library, but the Wii U just launched... and the library still remains... So much for your "fairytale" lol.

decrypt, you need to stop this anti-Console parade you're doing lol, but it is entertaining to watch you spout BS.

T9001978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )


Consoles are not expensive to maintain- If anything this gen consoles have had the highest failure rates ever, never heard of RROD, YLOD? Infact console hardware failure has been much above PC. Its a great thing PC parts can actually be replaced instead of binning the entire system. Infact 3-5 year old PCs run current console ports in 1080p better than consoles. So where does the constant upgrades myth come in?

Games Prices- Lol u ought to check out Steams growth then come and tell people about PC gamers not buying games. Infact EA claimed PC was their second most profitable platform after the 360. PC is the highest earner for Activision. Check out for the current discounts on. Nothing on consoles like that.

BC on consoles- Does the new PS3 play PS2 games? Will PS4 play PS3, PS2 games? Does Wii U play gamecube games or N64 games? Will Xbox 720 play Xbox 1 games? The answer to all that is No. PC plays 25 year old games even today.

At best you are living in denial.

BattleAxe1978d ago

1. Steam Summer Sale
2. Steam Holloween/ Autumn Sale
3. Steam Christmas Sale
4. Backwards Compatibility
5. Better Graphics Optimization

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starchild1979d ago

Yep, I game on PC and consoles. That is my preference. I like to buy multiplatform games and PC exclusives for the PC, and I get console exclusives on the consoles.

Really, though, as long as you are having fun gaming it doesn't matter too much.

Adexus1979d ago

"Really, though, as long as you are having fun gaming it doesn't matter too much."

Greatest thing I've ever read on N4G.

Reverent1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Exactly. Honestly, I don't understand a lot of the bias these days, when the real reality is that it's just all about the games. I mean, I own a PS3, my friend owns a 360; we don't spend time arguing about consoles, but about which games we play. I give him crap for buying Call of Duty every year, and he gives me crap for being obsessed with JRPG's. Never once have either of us given each other crap about our console choice.

Btw, bubbles+ for Well Said.

Sammy1121979d ago

@reverent I have a lot of respect for you man. I'm a Nintendo gamer had a ps3 but sold it a few months later. When ever I brag about Nintendo I don't brag about the console. I brag about the games because at the end of the day the games are all that matters.

MariaHelFutura1979d ago

In my opinion it comes down to developers and the consoles have the best developers making games on them. Especially since most PC devs make games for consoles now aswell.

Welshy1979d ago

I can think of more than 5 reasons why these articles are just plain stupid.

They are entirely different things that provide different things for different people.

No platform is "better", it's all personal preference, if you want a PC? get a PC. Want the convenience of a console? get a console.

FanboyPunisher1979d ago

No reason to keep stating a fact everyone.
PC's make video games, consoles dont.
PC's are wayy more powerful, consoles arnt.

Those factors alone give us genres that arnt even possible on a console without being stripped down.

PC ftw.

Outside_ofthe_Box1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Uhh... Let me know when I get to play GTA either before or the same day as other platforms. Until then I'll stick to consoles. Pretty sad that a supposed superior platform can't play THE biggest game coming out this gen in GTA5... lol

jrbeerman111978d ago

outside of the box....

Cant isnt the word your looking for. Its WONT.

PC games are timed delays for economical reasons rather than technological.

and thats us the consumers fault.

Enziet1978d ago

What about board games? Dice games? Dungeons and Dragons? D&D > any video game.

FanboyPunisher1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

You guys are looking to grab and hold onto anything.

So what, consoles get exlusives to pull in additional cash at 59.99 or even 69.99. PC games you can get cheap as hell due to market freedom.

Consoles tend to be money makers, meaning the customers are being milked hardcore. In the PC world I dont feel ripped off and exploited. I was able to buy BF3 first week for 16.99 and not 59.99 because of that market freedom.

Indie games, sales, and cheap cdkeys.

Computers are the tier 1 platform for all content creation; movies, video games, engineering. Computers give you access to everything and more.

Unlimited positional with what you can do on a PC ontop of video games. I like keeping my mind active and learning, so when I die or get killed while gaming; simple alt-tab and applying my time in a better way then waiting.

Sorry, computers are what make your consoles games (which are stripped down, under turned and optimized to run on slow, shoddy, low res hardware.

Jaggies hurt my eyes, thats another reason way I like PCs. Jaggies and low resolution in 2012; thats what consoles give you.

The price alone for each platform should tell you how good it is, consoles are 'entry level' gaming platforms for everyone. Computers require higher IQ's to properly use them.

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ATi_Elite1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

1. hasn't every website on the Internet done one of these stupid PC vs. Console Gaming articles?

I grow old and weary of these dumb articles!

2. Why am I a PC Gamer....Because I enjoy Games that are only possible or only offered on the PC along with the Freedom to Mod and customize My Games and Gameplay to my needs to achieve the ultimate Gaming Experience that fits me!

3. Play on what you prefer both have positives and Negatives but the only thing that matters is the Games!

th3n00bg4m3r1979d ago

That is an opinion, not an article.

Thatguy-3101978d ago

Why can't these pc people accept that pc gaming isn't mainstream no more? No one cares if gaming is "better" there. Consoles is where everything is at right now.

Consoldtobots1978d ago

who cares about these retarded articles, are PCs and consoles competing for sales in reality?


so again WHO CARES?

RumbleFish1978d ago

Since I went to PC, I could never imagine to go back to console only, but console gaming definitely has it's pros. Opinions are allways interesting I say, when they are not exagerated or fanboyism.

-Superman-1978d ago

options articales are dumb?
1. Games are cheaper - fact
2. Games looks better - fact
3. You can mod games - fact
4. Free play, plus more - fact
5. You Can Play Games From Yesteryear - fact

Its not options, but fact !

SephirothX211978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Let's take Skyrim for example. A game with hundreds of hours of gameplay. Its a mess on PS3 and the 360 version pales in comparison to it running even on a mid ranged PC. You want to play with a 360 controller? Plug it into the pc and play. You want keyboard and mouse, use that. Skyrim looks gorgeous on a high end pc and the loading times are barely existent. The mods from skyrimnexus or steam are excellent and better than the official DLC. The Creation Kit comes free and is quite powerful. You can use the map editing tools to edit the world or create new dungeons, environments, enemies, followers, weapons, spells and quests. The scripting language Papyrus can be used by programmers such as myself to go even further customising combat and ai. You can upload your creations for others to use and download other people's mods for free. This is only possible on PC. I have a 360, PS3 and a PC with two GTX680s, 16gigs of ram and an i7 3770k overclocked to 4.5ghz along with games running on an ssd. Next gen consoles won't even touch my rig as it is. I only play exclusives and bad pc ports on console and everything else (most games) on pc. Consoles and PC shouldn't be compared. Its like comparing a Ford Focus with a Bugatti Veyron.

Although my PC costs about 2500, for 800 euro, you will get a PC that should outperform next gen consoles. Then you can upgrade when you want at a later stage to really outperform them.

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Hellsvacancy1979d ago

Im not gonna take part in ANOTHER one of these rants

-Mika-1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Dear PC gamers

Noone cares.

LAWSON721979d ago

Dear console gamers stop being jelly

torchic1979d ago

which flavour do you like least?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

idk I just got max payne 3 on steam for $15 kinda good deal.

I love ps3 & pc..

After looking at the 4.61 Million ps3 owners that bought a bad & broken port of black ops 2 (and are sure to buy black ops 3) I would say pc gamers are more savvy gamers.

I would say pc encourages innovation while console killing ststealth(only MGS left splinter cell is not stealth anymore), jrpg, horror, tactical shooters(none left but a valve game), fighting games(dlc hungry) all in the name of action shooters. Also dlc on disc, repetitive sequels, average shooter (cod) most successful game ever, a company has successfully encouraged 40+ million gamers to pay for basic multi-player and also the right to use youtube and bing, gimmick controllers are a success for the ever more important casual gamer(and now rumors of them getting thier own xbox 720 which would make even more cash than the expensive version), MS competing with everyone else out side of gaming, etc..

I would say more problems than pc as far as the gaming community goes. Not to many gimmick, great game prices most of the time, pc gaming is ruled by a company that won't sell out to the stock market, mods, freedom,greatest indie collection & more platformers than consoles.

Now consoles do get more AAA games though than pc.

Consoles alive and well on the outside but are dying on the inside. Times have changed.

Nes_Daze1979d ago

they aren't more savvy, black ops is a big name in gaming, people like the game and want to play it. I bought Skyrim once it was patched on the PS3, people have the hope that it will be patched.

FlairSomewhere1979d ago

Well my PC has spellcheck.


J86blum1979d ago

Reasons are subjective. Everyone has their reasons for things, does not make them right or wrong, but any artical or anyone claiming their reasons are fact..well that "to me" is a fanboy.

givemeshelter1979d ago

This goes to which one prefers.