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Sony’s version of Fight Club, shhhhh!

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Y_51501879d ago

Whoo! tomorrow I'll be playing this on my new Vita finally.

Vita is Life.

NewMonday1879d ago

Played it all day with my nephews on the PS3 at a family gathering , was a blast and total fun

... even used there disk to get my self a free Vita copy..ha!

stage881879d ago

I thought it was tied to the PSN account linked with the PS3 game?

dericb111879d ago


You get put it on any account. Guessing his nephew doesn't own a Vita so he scored that free copy from him.

Ben_Grimm1879d ago

Saw a few folks playing this game at work on PS3, looked very fun.

strigoi8141879d ago

having a blast on this game spend a few hours of radical enjoyment

garos821879d ago

The game is immensely fun.each character feels completely different from each other with the exception of Cole.
My only gripe except the limited unlockables, is that some of the stages, there is so much shit going on in the background that it can sometimes feel overwhelming.

mcstorm1879d ago

I agree it is very fun and I have played it on both my PS3 and PSV and I like they way they don't feel any different.

The only Issue I have with the games there is only 1 game mode. I think they should of given us a few more to pick from.

rdgneoz31878d ago

Only 1 game mode? For multiplayer, you have timed /stock (lives) / first to so many kills battles, and you can play FFA or team battles. And for teams, you can play everyone against each other, 2v2, 1v3, or 2v1v1. So no, there is more than 1 game mode.

If you mean only 1 way to kill people which is through supers, that is true though they wanted to try do something different rather than completing copy Smash Brothers.

mcstorm1878d ago

Rdgneoz3 thx for that info i have been playing ranked match and i thought quick match was just against anyone but ive just clicked on it and it gives me different game modes to pick from.

LiViNgLeGaCY1879d ago

I'm having so much fun with this game right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.