10.0 - Review: The Walking Dead: No Time Left

There is only one thing to say, and that is: Thank you Telltale.

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FrostyZipper2007d ago

I've never once cried because of a video game...

Until recently I could comfortably state that with a straight face.

Fuck the modern warbattles shooters, fuck the strategy titles, the puzzlers, the platformers and everything else; GOTY2012 goes to Telltale's TWD.

ForgottenProphecy2007d ago

This game is amazing, but the only reason it is GOTY material is because, well, no other game released this year is, other than Journey. It's great that two downloadable titles are the greatest of the year, but it's also sad because it left something to be desired from the other games. Walking Dead's story is probably the best in gaming, but it's bugs and lackluster gameplay keep it from being a AAA title.

isa_scout2007d ago

Simply one of the best titles produced this year.No other game; retail or otherwise was as character driven or as emotionally riveting as The Walking Dead. At first it bothered me that the episodes were so few and far between, but after playing episode five all I can say is "WOW". They earned my $25.00, and if they should do another season they'll earn it once again. Only this time I'll just buy the season pass when the first episode is released. Definite GOTY2012 contender.