Feature: Reinventing Nintendo's Legacy Franchises on Wii U

Despite often being criticized for a perceived lack of new franchises, Nintendo’s back catalogue offers a wealth of unique games which have each carved out their own place in the company’s legacy. From Mario to Link to lesser known characters such as Ness and the Ice Climbers, it is clear that Nintendo has a diverse range of games and gameplay styles from which to draw material in the coming generation. But many of these franchises haven’t been seen in quite some time, leading many to consider them dead.

Nintendo Life looks at some of these legacy franchises and considers whether they could return on Wii U. They're forgotten, almost cult games that once defined a generation, but have since fallen by the wayside. A year ago many would have said a return would be impossible, but with the successful revival of Pit in Kid Icarus: Uprising and a new generation of gaming just beginning, anything is possible.

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Bereaver1944d ago

I really wish there were more crazy RPG's like earthbound.

NukaCola1944d ago

I wish Earthbound/Mother would localize more than once every 10 years or so. They really need a full on new RPG for Wii U.

XXXL1944d ago

I'd love a new earthbound for the Wii U but at least give us the original on the VC already

morkendo231944d ago

if only nintendo would wake up re-make contra and r-type, einhander gradius, wii U could be 2nd SNES..

rainslacker1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Those are all 3rd party games. Konami, Irem, squaresoft, and Konami respectively. Also einhander was exclusive to the PS1, amazing shooter none the less.

I agree though, seeing a good remake of any of those games would be pretty cool, regardless of system. I do worry about what they'd make Contra into with today's shooter market however.