The Troubles That Will Plague The Zombie MMO Genre

With the zombie genre growing in popularity every day, Blaine of MMOGameCentral takes a look at the issues the genre will have to overcome if it hopes to own a slice of the MMO pie.

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ATi_Elite2005d ago

Read article and it basically sucked but it's an opinion piece and everyone is entitled to one! Hardcore DayZ player and I have played WarZ! DayZ is Excellent and WarZ is OK but hopefully it will improve ALOT!

Loot Placement: editor complained about how everyone goes strait to the airfield to get hi caliber weapons and good loot!

well in the real world only certain areas have the military weapons and A+ loot. Your not gonna find Rocket launchers and grenades at the corner drug store!

I guess they could make those areas a lot more difficult to reach therefore people have to explore more and prepare better to enter certain areas instead of just spwning and going str8 to the good loot!

Multiple Servers: editor complained of ghosting and people reaching one area on one server then switching servers and spwning close to gamers who thought they were safe!

IDK...I always spwn way out in the middle of no where and I never had anyone just spwn super close to me when server switching. I feel the system is set up so that when "server switch spwns" happen they put you away from people and give the current server residents enough space to spot you or vice versa!

and if it did happen it's no different from a helicopter landing right in your area and you getting Rushed by a strong team of players. So editor i say to you "you need to stay on your toes and be ready at all times"!

PVP: Editor crying about loosing all your loot on death and some kind of punishment for killing players.

PERMA DEATH!!! That is what makes the game so friggin Brilliant. It's a challenge so stop crying!!

Now as far as punishment for being a Ruthless Killer......well like in DayZ if you kill people you get Bandit clothes and people know to shoot you on site and that's good enough for me cause I only trust the people in my Clan...same as in the real world!

If you want security well go play WarZ and it's CORNY as Heck "Safe Zones" LMAO!

My real concern with Zombie MMO's is that the market will be flooded with so many Generic ones for Casual Gamers that the really Hardcore ones don't get developed cause Pubs want easy money like how every Developer has a FPS hoping to cash in off of COD!

Good thing DayZ is already here and hopefully it remains hardcore!

CaptainCamper2004d ago

It's clear that you've read the article but you appear to have misunderstood most of it, or I didn't put it across how I meant to.

I enjoy perma death features, I enjoy full loot PvP but where's the fun in holding up in a building with some friends when people can teleport inside via ghosting and gank everyone in seconds?

That's not PvP. I can't think of any benefits of 1 character on multiple servers when compared with the issues it causes.

Ghosting is completely different to being rushed by a bunch of players. I'd actually really enjoy another group attacking a location of players defending a stronghold. But it's not like a helicopter and 6 people are going to sneak up on a group of 6 instantly.