PlayStation reminds you that PSN Code Generators are Fake and Dangerous

In a tweet today, PlayStation reminded everyone that these so-called PSN Code generators are nothing more than a phishing scam.

So we went to one of these PSN Generator Sites and test it out...

Remember do not bother with the site it is nothing more than a scam to make the site owners money

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Snookies121844d ago

Lol, were people really stupid enough to try this?

urgentfury1844d ago

You would be surprised how many really do fall for these types of scams

-Mika-1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Look don't call people stupid for trying this. Some people were just caught up in the moment and wasn't thinking properly. Im pretty sure you fell for something like this once too. Get off your high horse and stop insulting others.

Series_IIa1843d ago

Mika is admitting he tried this.

sdozzo1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )


BrianC62341843d ago

"Look don't call people stupid for trying this."

No, he's right. Anyone who fell for this is stupid. Did you fall for it -Mika_? You must have if you think they aren't. There's too many scams out today. Don't fall for any of them.

Baka-akaB1843d ago

" Some people were just caught up in the moment and wasn't thinking properly"

That's the very definition of stupid .

" Im pretty sure you fell for something like this once too"

Nope never happened and unlikely to ever happens , but whatever comforts you

Blacktric1843d ago

"Look don't call people stupid for trying this. Some people were just caught up in the moment and wasn't thinking properly"


Thank you Mika, for making me nearly sh*t my pants because of laughter.

SilentNegotiator1843d ago

If nothing else, I think we can all agree that it is a stupid thing to DO.

But in all fairness, people that fall for those scams are probably higher in stupidity percentage than the general population.

You gotta research EVERY site you use, people.

kreate1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

i think mika is trying to say that most people at some point fell for something and there is no need to make fun of people.

whether its a scam or taken an offer which could of bid for more, or signed a paper without the full details, or bought something on craigslist that wasnt fully functional, or bought something from the chinese and found out its a knock-off. bought something from the internet and the picture was mis-leading. amazon/ebay scams. whatever.

i kind of think a lot of younger, more in-experienced people in general would fall for scams. not necessarily that they are stupid.
i dont think the word 'stupid' is the politically correct term here unless u just enjoy making fun of other's misfortunes.

i think most people fell for something at one point or another in their life and forgot about it or doesnt want to admit it.

in general a person's life is harder and shorter the lower the person's intelligence level.

but yeah.. let's not get carried away here. next thing u know, u will get scammed from something else.

and knowing N4g users... there's a lot of stupid people here.

Nikhil1843d ago

Guess we know Mika is one of the idiots that fell for this...

DragonKnight1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

I think the more important issue than whether or not Mika did this is that these things exist because of all the idiot publishers making stupid pre-order bonus deals or collector's edition deals that make people want to look for these codes online.

Hell, if you bought a standard AC3 copy and didn't pre-order it from one of like 4 different stores, you have about 4 outfits missing and the best sword in the game. That's pathetic. And the worst part is that stores that do pre-orders like EB Games generally do so to get more money for themselves. You'd think publishers would know this and stop doing these deals, but noooooo.

**EDIT** I understand that this is about stuff like PSN cards, but the codes for content like outfits are in the same boat. There are sites that claim to give you codes for these things if you do a survey. Thankfully, as soon as I see "do a survey" I know it's a scam right away. Ususally if you can get codes to this stuff online, it's on a place like gamefaqs.

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dazzrazz1843d ago

Yes they were, are you can just search on youtube they have codes for everything even games that are not even out yet lol :P

0pie1843d ago

never underestimate the stupidity of mankind...

KwietStorm1843d ago

Are people stupid enough to try to get free money? -Mika- is defending them. That should give you your answer.

StrawHatPatriot1843d ago

I will honestly admit, I tried it.

Skate-AK1843d ago

Bubbs for keeping it real.

SilentNegotiator1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Well.....if you didn't give away personal info (and I can't imagine what a site would gain if you didn't - maybe ad revenue)....

ReservoirDog3161843d ago

Best way to get psn cards online for free and legit is with the app AppTrailers on ios or android. Also, is really good for them.

I don't wanna be marked for spam so just research it yourself or pm me if you really want more info.

acemonkey1843d ago

i would say yeah..theres hacks out there almost for anything...people steal and pirate everything lol... i think my nephew downloaded Mircro points once and his computer crash and broke lol and after that he download a Mortal Kombat Classic skins and got the samething but the virus didnt kill his computer like the Microsoft points

fatstarr1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

So and so virtual item bla bla generators are in the top 5 of internet scams

The key to success is belief
If you show a proof video and get a mass group of people to spread the word that its legit, you can get tons of victims

And technically to extent generators exist ex key crackers and such.

But people are easy to fool, lol it should have clicked on that bright light once it stated Asking you for user names and passwords

ziggurcat1843d ago

and the same idiots that uses that stupid site are the first ones to claim that their CC info was stolen because of the PSN hack, too...

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MasterCornholio1843d ago

Yep and when you realize that you been banned your screwed.

Motorola RAZR i

bubblebeam1842d ago

But then they can blame Sony and we can have "Sony's PS3 is under attack by hackers" articles all over again. /s

People who get banned only have themselves and/or whoever dropped them on their head when they were young.

FarCryLover1821843d ago

These things are all over youtube and when people comment on videos with stuff like "go to my page for this," it's shocking that those comments get so many likes.

XB1_PS41843d ago

Most likely multiple accounts.

FarCryLover1821843d ago

True, but some of these that I see have like 50 likes sometimes. Messed up.

awesomeperson1843d ago

People can pay for services to give them a heap of likes to get the top comment spot and then generate traffic to wherever they want (you see it a lot on movie trailers and the like where they advertise to go to ____ to see it free, etc.)

Tonester9251843d ago

Lol I used one to get into a BETA and it worked!

Never tried again though ;-)

urgentfury1843d ago

You are one of the lucky few then that got a working code.

Legion1843d ago

He is lying... no such thing happened.

Y_51501843d ago

I believe their are some people that do fall for this because of greed or other reasons. Just like how some guy sent me chain mail on PSN saying it's PS3's 4th birthday and to celebrate send it to your your friends to get $50...really people believe that in 2012.

KwietStorm1843d ago

I get those every few months, and I have no problem reporting dummies on my friends list. Apparently PS3 is so awesome, it ages backwards.

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