All Wii U games to come with Stars Points, solid box

Much in the same way as the 3DS, Nintendo are set to expand their Club Nintendo reward scheme to include third party games on the Wii U, as Funky Barn includes a stars points code. UK boxes also are much more solid than their US counterparts, without the cut-out recycling logo.

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lashes2ashes2036d ago

To bad the copy of Nintendo land that comes in the deluxe set does not have a code with it.

DarkBlood2036d ago

it should show up as a survey for 50 coins *or stars in UK case* about a week after the register of the wiiu deluxe

ScubaSteve12036d ago

what do you expect you get 160 coins to connect it wiht your club nintendo and you get 50 for a survey stop complaining

admiralvic2036d ago

I hardly think the tone is really justified here...

While you're right that it comes with 210 (though they could have just included the voucher with Nintendo Land to prevent confusion...), it's not wrong to expect a little more. Currently all Nintendo systems are redeemable for 160 coins, but there is a pretty big price difference here...

Wii - $129
3DS - $170
XL - $200
Wii U - $300
Wii U DX - $350

So I can see that all evening out to 160 coins no problem, but it's a lot harder it with the Wii U.

Smashbro292036d ago

My American copy of Sonic racing didn't have a card. This must be a European thing.

josephayal2036d ago

Starts points MEH! I want zelda