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3DS XL Circle Pad Pro images

Circle Pad Pro images. (3DS)

XB1_PS4  +   754d ago
Looks goofy, and comfortable.
Akuma-  +   754d ago
just get a superior ps vita. number of sales doesn't determine if something is better so it shouldn't matter to a gamer or make a game seen more fun to know that a product sold a lot.

i think the vita has more games released on it than the 3ds has garnered in its 2 years on the market or close. the vita has way more games released on it recently and for the holiday season. we know its the games that matters and quality ones
XB1_PS4  +   754d ago
There are a lot of games on the 3DS. They're mostly goofy cartoony games, but there are a lot. I JUST bought a vita. Like 45 minutes ago, and am waiting anxiously for the day it gets here. :)
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   754d ago
The vita is all hype. Give it another year or two and it'll be better.
fatstarr  +   754d ago
vita only has 3 good games in my opinion the best and most original one is Gravity Rush.

3DS dominated vita.

Dont get me wrong I'll pick up a vita for 100$ when it goes on that clearance rack.

but stop making up excuses for the vita, because you know dam sure if the 3ds was at 2 million and the vita was at 22 million you wouldnt be saying that comment, you are just babying it and trying not to accept its year 1 failure.

I dont get why theres more mention of the vita than the 3ds in the comment section of a 3ds article, are you guys that sick and salty?

disagree away Im calling it out when I see it.
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xursz  +   754d ago
I wouldn't say "the superior vita". It's more about preference. I like the 3ds alot but i really prefer the vita. I don't think i could live without my portable Persona 4 Golden. Lol.
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christheredhead  +   754d ago
- "Check out images of the 3ds XL circle pad pro."

- "Vita is superior"

Really? I just don't understand the mindset of some people. Why would anyone care about what piece of plastic you favor?

But seriously, the circle pad pro xl looks ridiculously clunky. I refuse to pass up on Monster Hunter 4 though so I'll be picking one up. I wish they would release a 3ds with a second analog stick. I feel like its inevitable and only a matter of time.
ALLWRONG  +   754d ago
Someone is insecure
Haha123  +   754d ago
meh forget the vita get the handheld with superior games
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klecser  +   754d ago
Deluded Vita fan is...deluded.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   754d ago
That's not true Akuma.

Console sales are VERY important to 3rd party developers as well as Gamers.

Developers won't waste their resources developing for a console that has a small market share since the developers won't make back the money they put into making the game.

The larger the install base, the greater the chances of hitting more potential consumers, thus making a larger return on the game.

But that is basic math. That is all obvious.

Obviously as a gamer, you want games to play on your console or handheld, and like what was listed up top, without console sales, developers won't develop games for it, if they don't develop games then you the consumer won't have anything to play...with no software to play, consumers won't buy the hardware.

It's a viscous cycle. This is why many console makers are willing to take a hit on the hardware. It's the software that generates the revenue. Console makers have to make the hardware enticing enough to sell to the average consumer. Either by finding that perfect price point, solid list of games people would be willing to buy after paying for the hardware, added features...etc.

So yes, Sales matters to gamers. However created this ignorant point of view that "sales don't matter" must not be a gamer.
aviator189  +   754d ago
The vita has nothing to do with this article...
SilentNegotiator  +   754d ago
I am not happy with either handheld system this gen. Between Nintendo being short-sighted enough to not have 2 circle pads (games like Icarus have already shown us the problem there) and Sony making the same mistakes as with the PSP (in regards to price - leading to likely poor third party support - and size), they're both disappointing. They had very clear opportunities to refine the handheld experience and didn't.
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Blacktric  +   754d ago
"just get a superior ps vita. number of sales doesn't determine if something is better"

Yeah but personal taste does.
Welshy  +   754d ago
I can't figure for the life of me... why didn't they just install a second nub on the XL remodel?

If they really wanted to shove Sonys nose in it, doing that would have wiped a major deciding factor from which to buy for alot of people.

I've played my bros 3DS and i own a Vita and both have their strengths and weaknesses, Nintendo just missed an opportunity to get rid of the elephant in the room.
Bimkoblerutso  +   754d ago
Seriously. Friggin look at that thing. It's going to be massive in the hands.

I love my 3ds, but Nintendo really dropped the ball with the designs this time, methinks.
Welshy  +   754d ago

They almost entirely removed the "portable" part of the 3DS.

You're doing well to fit the XL in your pocket in general anyway, but who in their right mind wants to shell out for an attachment larger than the console itself because Nintendo didn't design it well in the first place?
--Onilink--  +   754d ago
you i definitely agree that they should have added the 2nd stick. But i dont think it would have been so simple as to just add it to the "empty" (who knows if there is something under that part) space below the buttons.

Why? honestly it wouldnt be comfortable at all, seriously, try to put your thumb in that space, its an awkward position. What they would have done is make it larger so at least the stick is diagonal to the buttons, and not directly underneath it (as it is the case with all controllers)
Heavenly King  +   754d ago
so portable

stage88  +   754d ago
That thing is hideous!

How can a company get away with this?? Just terrible.
ALLWRONG  +   754d ago
3DS baby! Not going to upgrade though when the one I have is just fine.

stage88 sorry but this isn't about the Vita
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stage88  +   754d ago
Where does vita come into this?

That thing looks plain ugly. The Frankenstein of handheld consoles. It just shows that Nintendo didn't plan the design of the 3DS and are now trying to sell another bit of the actual device that should have been there in the first place. It also looks awfully uncomfortable.

@ALLWRONG sorry but this isn't about the Xbox 360 ;)
--Onilink--  +   754d ago
actually this is pretty much the most comfortable way to play any handheld, especially with the grips at the back.

It is probably the UGLIEST a handheld can be, and very annoying to carry. But uncomfortable is not one of the things we can accuse the Circle Pad Pro of being
nevin1  +   754d ago
How come they didnt add it into the 3DSxl to begin with?
ChiTownDoc  +   754d ago
I own both a 3ds and a vita. I definitely enjoy my Vita more but theyre both good systems. Just hope the Vita can pick up some momentum...
stragomccloud  +   753d ago
I really hope it does, because I guarantee the 3DS is only as cool as it is because of competition from Sony. The same goes for the Vita.
allyc4t  +   754d ago
When does it come to NA? And how much?
ChiTownDoc  +   754d ago
If Nintendo were smart, they would redesign the base model of the 3DS to include the 2nd circle pad. then they should make it VERY cheap / including it with a bunch of games to ensure adoption.

Yes, they might lose money in the short term, but the benefit of full 2nd analog adoption would pay off ten-fold. It sucks to alienate early owners, but if you make it cheap and easy to have the 2nd stick then so be it.
auen1  +   754d ago
or they could just make a 3ds with two analog sticks....
klecser  +   753d ago
Or gamers could realize that two sticks isn't necessary to have a good gaming experience...
stragomccloud  +   753d ago
Woah. That totally reminds me of the Gamegear!
josephayal  +   753d ago
Looks like Johnny 5

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