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GameCentral reader:

So, are you excited? The Wii U is out next week and with it comes the start of the next generation of home consoles. This is historically a time of excitement within the gaming community with questions about improved graphics, tech specs and what the games will be like floating around. Except I don't really get that impression this time round. I'd actually go so far as to say there's an apathy around the next gen and, as with most things, I think this apathy could lead to some serious problems.

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CommonSenseGamer1848d ago

As long as next gen provides the horsepower for better AI then I'm all for it.

konnerbllb1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Don't forget phsyics, support for more players and larger maps. Think BF3 on pc vs console.

CommonSenseGamer1848d ago

wow, looks like 3 people don't care about better AI. Would love to know what games they have been playing where the AI actually made the game a challenge.

kikizoo1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Cell is perfect for great ai..and not maxed out at all.

But next gen graphisms, photo realism, better resolution for 3D, etc are for sure a good reason to always care about next gen (ps4, pc, xbox..)

jujubee881848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Me! I am buying the Orbis/PS4. :P

I have come to the conclusion that my vita was both a partial investment in the system and games it has AS WELL AS being the companion gadget to the successor of the PS3.

When I can use my VITA as a controller to all upcoming games on a big screen while DM'ing friends, and never getting out of a game that will rock.

Conner67421848d ago

This video shows where the future of gaming is really heading.

The next generation of consoles is probably going to turn up a profit and will please people, but it might be the last of home consoles. So, while there are people who will care, it looks like gaming is going to take a different path. The only way to make a relevant console anymore is by being a bit gimmicky. I don't think graphics are going to improve all that much by next generation.

I could be wrong about the graphics, but it doesn't look like that's going to be the main focus of gaming pretty soon.

And, to be honest, I think the major changes that are going to happen to gaming are going to start helping us move a way from the horrible business practices that has tied down the gaming medium for a long time.

So, I see hope for the future of gaming.

Skynetone1848d ago

the way i see it, computer development will go back to the old days, where one are two man teams created a game

computers will become so powerfull that all you have to do is tell your computer to generate random trees/rocks give me a mountain with a river running through it, put a castle on top of the mountain. etc etc

i can never see the industry happy with facebook games , there will always be bigger and better

a good example would be the car industry, always coming out with new specs for there cars, and i dont think it will stop until we have flying cars, and even then we will have car/spaceships

daclynk1848d ago


DA_SHREDDER1848d ago

I like the controller, but even without it I would still wanna play the games, just not with a Wiimote

daclynk1848d ago

The get the controller pro. problem solve.

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