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Wii Redesign Imminent? Dubbed “Wii Mini”, Announced for December 2012

Nintendo’s Wii U has been released to some pretty decent fanfare – though the technology itself is being proclaimed as rough around the edges, critical reception is for the most part positive for it’s gaming line-up. In the midst of this, a rumour has been circulating from the internal release schedule of a major retailer, according to Nintendo World Report. (Nintendo, Wii)

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XB1_PS4  +   1049d ago
I thought they said they're gonna stop making wii games.
StifflerK  +   1049d ago
Apparently it's 1/8th the size of the original and they're calling it .... ' mini-wii ' * strikes a Dr Evil pose *
Heisenburger  +   1049d ago
That reference made my day!

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Kurisu  +   1049d ago
Mini Mii!
from the beach  +   1049d ago
How about 'Wee Wii'?
Skate-AK  +   1049d ago
I can see the jokes already.
TheLyonKing  +   1049d ago
Why would they waste their effort with that when the wii u can play wii games, surely they would want people just to buy their new console?
Samus HD  +   1049d ago
maybe thay want to brake records!.. they are very close to brake the ps1 record
Skate-AK  +   1049d ago
It would only make sense if it's priced below $99.
Portalmaniac  +   1049d ago
Yea what's the point in that when they have a really cool new wii u and the already popular old wii.
Knight_Crawler  +   1049d ago
Why don't you ask Sony why they have not discontinued the PS2 and why they made a slim revision.
iwin86  +   1049d ago
At least Sony supported the PS2 with games when the PS3 launched. For example with God of War 2. On the other hand Nintendo stopped Wii game development completely.
Anon1974  +   1049d ago
The point is bringing a cheaper model into markets where they many not have had much penetration. Sony did this with the PS2, pushing it into new territories like South America and some Asian countries where they previously couldn't have afforded gaming. I see no reason why Nintendo wouldn't do the same thing. Obviously the Wii was popular. Why wouldn't they use a redesign to bring costs down further and try to open new markets?
grassyknoll  +   1049d ago
Absolute rubbish.
Mikito11  +   1049d ago
This is total BS..
arabiensoldier  +   1049d ago
April Fools already guys?
FarCryLover182  +   1049d ago
What is the point for real???
Series_IIa  +   1049d ago
I doubt anyone would buy it anyway...

PockyKing  +   1049d ago
Sgt_Slaughter  +   1049d ago
They did it with the NES ans SNES. Nothing new here. Sony did it with the PS2 also after the PS3 was released.
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MeetMyHand  +   1049d ago
I would probably end up swallowing the controller.
Jek_Porkins  +   1048d ago
This could do well as a cheap alternative to some of the other consoles. Not every parent is going to drop $250-$350 on a new console, especially for younger kids. I know I was out at Black Friday and all of the Wii console deals were sold out, the Skylanders Wii unit went really fast and almost caused a riot.

So there is still some legs for the Wii, and Nintendo used to always release a smaller, cheaper version. Nintendo is so close to 100 million sold, I think they definitely want to get there, even with all of their past success, they have never reached that mark.

Also, even though Nintendo isn't publishing any first party games on the Wii, third party games are still releasing for it all of the time, it'd be foolish not to release new games on a console with almost 100 million units out in the wild.
Pillsbury1  +   1048d ago
I can see the wii at a sub 99$ price point shattering ps2 records. Remember casuals dont search sites like this for the latest and greatest news and rumors on next gen, they just wanna bowl with their wii-mote.

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