PS3Home: Kunai Gaming Headset Review

PS3Home: "Arguably, audio is perhaps the most overlooked area of video gaming. Simply put, most gamers tend to focus on graphics while either ignoring or neglecting the importance of impact that sounds play."

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spartan_dx1617d ago

I dint know tritton was part of madkatz :o

Mikeyy1617d ago

I think im ready to become a sound whore in gaming for Black Ops.

What does everybody reccomend? That isnt the $250 headset :)

I know everybody was all about turtle beach a while back, but looking at reviews on Newegg, which I do religiously, they all have Quality Issues and are flimsy and break :/ Besides the $250 one, go figuer.

zekk1617d ago

if its for ps3 the pulse head set is really good and its $150.