PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale PS Vita Review by The Vita Lounge

All in all, PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale is a trip down nostalgia lane for long-time PlayStation fans, and a very welcome addition to the Vita’s library for lovers of the brawling genre. The combat system is not perfect, but very enjoyable and overall stage and game design are a welcome change. The game can be played both competitively to a certain degree and casually, but mainly shines at being a decent combination of both. It is one of the better ports present on the Vita, and its only major downsides are presentation niggles. While it sometimes is a bit lost in identity, not knowing whether to be silly or serious and competitive, PlayStation All Stars is an excellent title and a near-perfect port to play with anyone.

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trickman8881945d ago

"The Vita lounge"

seems like a credible site with no bias.

G20WLY1945d ago

To be fair this score agrees with the 34 critics contributing to it's metacritic score so far, so it doesn't really matter much.

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We are gamers, and we are aiming to bring independent Vita news and reviews. We are not biased at all :)