Devil May Cry, Fans May Too: Community Reaction to DmC

The upcoming entry in the Devil May Cry series is a little controversial. If by "little" we mean "widely" and by "controversial" we mean "hated". But why? Hint: it involves the hair, the smoking, the clothing, the environme-actually just read the thing.

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Yi-Long1945d ago

... tried the DMC-demo last friday, and really liked the gameplay.

The main problem many Devil May Cry people seem to have is that it's just not 'Devil May Cry', which is probably a fair complaint, and perhaps they shouldn't have called this guy Dante, or should have made it a completely original IP instead...

... but for me, who isn't familiar with the series, I thought the demo was very entertaining, gameplay felt good, graphics are good, and it seems like it will be a decent game at least.

Hanso1945d ago

game is good but not DMC good
as a newcomer you ll enjoy it but DMC 3 and 4 are much better combat wise.

Baka-akaB1945d ago

That's ll i'm going to bother to say and agree with , as i went on and ranted enough about it .

It's an ok game all thing considered , just not good enough for DMC (and yes even accounting a misstep like dmc2)

humbleopinion1945d ago

Game demo was excellent, and way better than the sour taste the DMC4 demo left this Gen.

Not to mention Capcom lost Mikami to Platinum at the end of last gen, with Bayonetta being the proper H&S for people who like a challenging game. NT have much more experience this gen crafting quality H&S games this gen than Capcom.

DragonKnight1945d ago

@humbleopinion: No they don't. They made Heavenly Sword and Enslaved. Enslaved is only H&S in terms of button mashing and was lazy. Heavenly Sword was a decent game, but the combat left a lot to be desired. NT's strengths are story telling only, and even then there are better devs than them.

DmC is a bastardization of a beloved franchise. The article was right when it said Capcom was looking to use a cashcow they hadn't used in a while.

I know I'm not the only one that wants an Onimusha game, but judging at how Crapcom has handled its beloved franchises, they are the last people who should touch Onimusha. Onimusha should stay gone simply because Capcom owns it.

OmegaSlayer1944d ago

Like other said, from what you can dry the demo the game is very good, above average, just not Devil May Cry good.
You should do yourself a favour and play Devil May Cry 1 and 3

humbleopinion1944d ago

Funny how people call something "devil may cry good" when only referring to Devil May Cry 1 and 3 , but completely ignoring 2 (especially) and 4.

I loved the demo. I also loved DMC games in past gen - but my standards were much lower back then and a lot of progress in H&S games was made since.
In my opinion when comparing current gen games, DMC4 lags behind both HS and Enslaved - not to mention Bayonetta which is at a class of its own. The new DMC demo is also not Bayonetta, but it does fill much more competent than Capcom's previous attempt this gen.

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Chucky20031945d ago

great 500 fans are pissed because they are going in another direction with this game,boo hooo,if the games were selling really well they wouldn't do that

d0nT wOrrY1945d ago

I actually enjoyed the demo!
Coming from a diehard fan of the series, the boss battle was really amazing too.

Baka-akaB1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

"if the games were selling really well they wouldn't do that "

Obviously you have no clue , the only franchise of the same genre outselling dmc is God of war .

NT wish any of their previous games had "500 fans" left fighting for it or caring for it :p

FrostyZipper1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

The fact that God of War is the only hack-n-slasher outselling the franchise is immaterial because practically everything else has outsold the Devil May Cry franchise by a good margin. Fact of the matter is that Devil May Cry 4 didn't rake in nearly as much as Capcom needed to turn a decent profit. The fan and critical reaction to 4 only made things worse and from the way people were reacting to RE5 a year later they must have judged that keeping things the same would only have resulted in a loss.

'So then why didn't they just let it die instead of bastardizing it?' I hear you ask. Well shit you only have to look at their recent track record to see that Capcom enjoys flogging a dead horse almost as much as Nintendo.

On another note I'm sure I saw somewhere that they'd dropped the smoking thing.

Baka-akaB1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

Er not at all .
No other game of the genre besides god of war outsold dmc , when dmc4 made around 3 millions (according to vgchartz's dubious figures 2.73 millions)

None did that .. below you have stuff like bayonetta and once upon a time Ninja gaiden .

"Devil May Cry 4 didn't rake in nearly as much as Capcom needed to turn a decent profit"

That you wanna compared to cod or other obviously more popular genre is irrelevant . There was never any hint about them not getting their worth , its just your own interpretation .

There were official earning reports that you end up contradicting your view anyway

"The fan and critical reaction to 4 only made things worse and from the way people were reacting to RE5"

You are reaching and scraping for interpretations . Sure there were criticisms and some backlack ... dmc4 sold very well nonetheless .

Just like re5 complains didnt stop Re6 from happening .

" I hear you ask"

Except i'm not asking , that's your imagination . Why is called greed . Capcom let it slip why rather easily and probably regrets now being so outspoken some times ago .

They dreamt of turning the franchise into a 5 million selling machine , wich is yet to be likely . They revised their estimate for more realistic figures since , while still hoping of course

FrostyZipper1945d ago

I don't think I can come up with an even half-presentable counter-argument. So I guess I'll just say hats off to you, and let's all just agree that DmC is not going to be a very good game.

Information Minister1945d ago

I literally cannot wait for this game to flop (and it will flop!), just so I can see how you guys will spin it by then.

Hanso1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

i hope too!
all the media is giving the game a free pass.
But the game is flawed every good DMC player knows it.
im 1 of them!

Information Minister1945d ago

I can't believe some people still trust the press releases that the vast majority of gaming websites pass up for previews and reviews. These days, hype, marketing budgets and swag bags are far more influential on a game's score than the actual game itself. Professional gaming reporters have been replaced by bloggers long ago, and never has that been more clear than it is right now with "Donte may Cry".

This game doesn't look like DMC, it doesn't sound like DMC, it doesn't play like DMC, and there is no logical justification on earth why it should be named DMC... I mean DmC.

TheKindRoost1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

@ chucky
I like how you go about the series having 500 fans then follow up on how "really well" the previous games sold.

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Nemesis45671945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

I played the demo and although I found a few glitches here and there. The gameplay was quite nice. With that being said, I can tell the story won't be anything higher than mediocre based from what I've seen. Which is why I'll probably take a pass or wait for the game the last of us. I can see others loving this game based off the action alone, but it just wouldn't be a game for me.

TemplarDante1945d ago

New Dante smokes, swears like a dysfunctional teen. I prefer Japans definition of cool.
All NT did was create the average COD fan and called him Dante.
P.S, the DmC demo sucks. Too slow, way too easy to be a dmc game.

Hanso1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

i agree Normal and Nephilim are like easy mode wtf
SOS Mode should have been Normal Mode in this..
and whats up with the broken stylish meter?

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