Microsoft Pre Cyber Monday 2012: Xbox 360 & PC Games at $10

Techtorial: Microsoft is giving away an early Cyber Monday treat for customers listing triple-A games like Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, Diablo 3 at $9.99. The full list contains up to 100+ titles

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aviator1891843d ago

Those were some pretty amazing deals, but pretty much all of them are out of stock now.

cyberninja1843d ago

They might to re-new their stock; i wanted to get forza horizon on friday, but it was gone, then this morning i've decided to check on it again and to my surprise it was available, therefore i was able to get it for 14.99. Try checking on those deals again later.

Starbucks_Fan1843d ago

I just bought Horizon 15min ago

aquamala1843d ago

If you have a Microsoft store near you, they honor these prices, today at least

TXIDarkAvenger1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Holy shit, those some really nice deals.

Too bad most of them are sold out but I did manage to buy Forza Horizon for a good price.

Jek_Porkins1843d ago

I'd advise to keep checking back, they have re-stocked some of them a few times. Forza Horizon sold out a few times and they put it back up. I have been recommending that and a few other games on this list to a lot of people.