In Case You Missed It: 5 Great Gamecube Games for Under $50 Total

Despite skyrocketing sales, Nintendo hasn't supplied its hardcore audience with enough truly deep and immersive games outside of a handful of 1st party titles (most haven't been released yet). Fortunately, there are a few excellent Gamecube titles that you most likely missed (because you never actually owned a Gamecube) to get your hardcore gaming fix while you wade through minigame hell. Here are 5 top-tier Gamecube titles that cost under $50 total.

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permutated3806d ago

You can get a Gamecube at Gamestop for $29.

Oh, and I can't believe IKARUGA didn't make it onto this article.

M_Prime3806d ago

yeah but if u have a wii u can play the rest :-)

i actually owned the gamecube but didn't play some of those games.. but played the majority..

games4fun3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

resident evil 4, skies of arcadia (gamecube edition)

frostbite063806d ago

those were the first 2 games i thought of when i read the headline

Yi-Long3806d ago

... but sadly, it seems the classics all had a very limited run, here in Europe (or at least here in Holland), cause games like Metroid Prime, and Mario Golf etc, are nowhere to be found.

I'm glad I was still able to pick up Resident Evil 4 and Zelda TP, cause havent come across them since.

DanteLinkX3806d ago

Tales of Frigg 1ng symphonia? and REmake/REzero? and LoZ Wind Waker? and Fire Emblem? and Twin Snakes? the list goes on. Those can be found at really cheap prices.

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