Amazon Cyber Monday 2012: Deals Extended With New Games On Calendar

Techtorial: Amazon just revealed its extended list of deals for Cyber Monday featuring 10 new games under its calendar page (for November 26).

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Y_51502004d ago

So far Cyber Monday is looking to be uninteresting for me..

RockmanII72003d ago

What, you don't want Kinect Star Wars, Dance Central 3, and Disney Princess: My Fairy Tale Adventure?

showtimefolks2002d ago


well said my friend all those games will be contenders for GOTY

its not like amazon could have done much much better

sleeping dogs
darkisders 2
max payne 3
Halo 4

deals these days mean crappy games most of the times

Donnieboi2003d ago

I need a 16-32gb memory card pronto for that new Vita I ordered. That 4 gb card ain't gonna be worth a damn.

Pillsbury12003d ago

I have a 4 gb vita card but I make it work. I manage downloads through ps3 and put 2 games at a time.

Soldierone2002d ago

Same here....once I got Assassins Creed download I regretted it. Takes up the entire dang card....

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dazzrazz2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

This list is only till Sunday... so whole article is poop

ninavoljic2003d ago

Amazon removed the 26th portion as soon as it was publicized. We have taken a screenshot but we are asked not to post it online.

8bitHero2003d ago

then we dont care. LOOOOOOOOOL no but in all seriousness if you wont post it i couldnt care less.

akaakaaka2003d ago

so lets us know now here and everybody wins... duhh

Playstation4LyFe2003d ago

anyone know if there are gonna be any deals for XBL gold, WWE 13 or black ops 2?

IWentBrokeForGaming2002d ago

Last time I checked Live was like $40 which Im needing to renew at that cheap since I've got Halo 4 sitting around doing nothing since my 14 day free trial that came with the game, is now up!

isyourhouseonfire2002d ago

Not surprising to see Dishonored getting cheap... The reviews over-rated it drastically, and gamers caught on. Money talks, and finally the price reflects the actual quality of the game.