IGN: Conflict: Denied Ops Review

IGN "Conflict: Denied Ops was doomed from the start. The core gameplay isn't good. From there a series of uninspired levels were slapped together and some ugly graphics were put in place and a budget title was born. And it was dead on arrival."

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XiaoSet3654d ago

Downloaded the Demo on PSN, played 1 match online, it was like playing on PS2... nothing next-gen.

MK_Red3654d ago

Finally, I was wondering when will online reviews of this game show up. Appropriate score and tone though if graphically the game "looks like a PS2 or Xbox game...and not a very good one at that." why give it 3? It should be 1 or 2 at most.
Conflict: DO and that Turning Point game will have a huge fight over the title for 2008's Hour of Victory.

Kleptic3654d ago

they purposely held the game from reviewers right?...meaning...they had to wait until release, and purchase the game just like everyone else in order to review it...hoping to stir up some sales before the hammer came down...

its junk...its the definition of a terrible game, and whats worse is that this genre is getting flooded with floaters like this...keep away from crap like this at all costs...

LevDog3654d ago

Haha I wanna know how games like this still get released.. Meaning RFOM and COD4 prolly some of the best shooters out there.. Ok and after seeing this games.. dont you think the devs for this pathetic game would have been like.. HMm our game is pure sh*@ we should prolly either go back to the drawing board or improve what we have.. but this foos said eff it lets just release this garbage.. Hey at least people are talkin bout the game.. RIGHT ?!?!?!?!?!?!

Kleptic3654d ago

ah it was low budget from the beginning...the devs probably knew they were extremely strangled on what they could do...

the game sucks, yes...but I don't think it is directly related to how good the devs are at their jobs...its more an issue of what can (or can't, in this case) be done with little time and little money...just talk with your wallet...don't buy it...and that will let publishers know to not put crap like this out...problem is, they only need to sell like 11 copies to turn a in the end, this junk still makes money almost regardless...

bloodshed3654d ago

another bull sh*t console title ported over to the pc.

ps.console killer