DmC: Devil May Cry - Demo Impressions

"The hype for DmC: Devil May Cry has been like a downward ramp. When word of the reboot first came out, series fans exploded with rage at the prospect of having to play as a different Dante in a different setting.

Ever since then the hype has been shrinking, to the point where most people seem to have forgotten about it altogether. It’s a good thing this demo showed up on Tuesday, then, to remind everyone the game still exists. Having played every Devil May Cry game (except 2, which was apparently more painful than laceration) and liking them even though I sucked at them, I feel at least partially qualified to talk about my experience with the demo, so here are my thoughts." (Michael Urban,

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Army_of_Darkness2006d ago

Better than I expected. So I'm definitely gonna get it. Although, the graphics could be better....

CDzNutts2006d ago

They definitely could. :-(

jakmckratos2006d ago

What?!? the graphics are friggin awesome..perhaps you guys just don't like the style??

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2006d ago

The graphics are worse than DMC4...

HarryMasonHerpderp2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

It's the unreal engine showing its age.
Personally I can't stand it, you can tell a game is made by the unreal engine from a mile away. On Saying that though I thought the devs did a good job with it in Batman Arkham/City though.

Knushwood Butt2005d ago

Yeah, I like it, but the sound is a mess. Keeps cutting out.

Also, the dialogue is pretty poor. I guess it's too late for them to fix that.

Boss fight:

Boss: **** you!
Dante: No, **** you!
Boss: No, **** you!!

Yeah, great.....

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Lord_Sloth2006d ago

It was everything I thought it would I'm skipping out.

Soldierone2006d ago

I thought the gameplay was badarse with the music, but got EXTREMELY repetitive real fast. I also hate how douchy they made Dante....Before he was just awesome, now its like "yeah im too cool for the world"

Vandamme212006d ago

Dmc was always repetitive...did u play the past games..they were still fun though

Knushwood Butt2005d ago

4 was dire.

Not difficult, but this looks like it's going to be better than 4.

Soldierone2005d ago

Yeah, but they did a good job of adding something slightly different or constant puzzles in each room. The biggest puzzle I came across was the platforming, the combat felt a bit more simplistic.

Not saying it was terrible, just saw no need for the change yet.

jakmckratos2006d ago

Was never into DMC before now...I'm pretty sold...I laughed pretty hard when Dante and the Demon Boss were just shouting "F**K YOUUU!!!"

Kaze882006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

I have played all other DMC games and really liked them, specially DMC3. Still i was never great at the game, but still liked it. When i got on to the part where they were telling others to f**k off i was really let down, i couldve never expected Dante to say "F**k you" in any realm or reboot.

yea its a reboot = new and different Dante but why just repeat F**k this f**k that so much. seemed really immature, like they just made that scene so that they could get somekind of a shock value. Also the puking at the same time saying "F**k you"...made me embarrassed for the game, it was just so bad.

I was playing on hard (what ever that was called) and it was pretty easy mostly when i figured out the controls. On DMC1&3 i always played normal and got my ass served cause it was really challenging, on this demo hard level was a breeze mostly.

The combat was also pretty good, switching between demon and angel weapon was fast. also happy that they made a real dodge so that you didnt have to equip trickster like in DMC3 or etc. Graphics were good and characters/enemies were intesting except the random spinning mesh you had to shoot in the backstreet and church.

I always liked that the demons were always badass monsters or if they were female they were beautiful and deceiving psychos, in this the secret engredient was one dimensional "ugly sack of shit" as Dante pointed out.

oNIXo2006d ago

I really thought that Dante wasn't as bad ass they made him out to be in the first games. No cursing, and he just came off as annoying. I thought he was the worst part of the game.

Jinkies2006d ago

"I laughed pretty hard when Dante and the Demon Boss were just shouting "F*** YOUUU!!!"


"Was never into DMC before now"

You don't say

timeon111111111112005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

"...When word of the reboot first came out, series fans exploded with rage at the prospect of having to play as a different Dante in a different setting. How do I feel about that? Well, I’m not gonna go out and say that they were butthurt fanboys who were completely oblivious to the fact that a franchise can often benefit from change. Oh wait…"

Kid: Daddy what does that wall of text say? Is it a fairy tale? :D ?

Father: No, sweetie it's just a man saying bad things about gamers.

Kid: That is mean - We must stop them daddy!

Father: No sweetie!... we can't. They ARE game journalists.

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