Mario Kart Wii - new screenshots and details

Despite being one of Nintendo's highest profile upcoming releases, we've actually heard relatively little about Mario Kart Wii so far, other than, that is, scraps of information plucked from a couple of screenshots and scans from magazines. Today, however, a brand new crop of screenshots have found their way onto the Interweb, again revealing new tidbits of the racer's gameplay details.

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wiizy3831d ago

coming along very nicely.

JosefTor3831d ago

I hope this game is really fun. I enjoyed Mario Kart 64. By the screen shots though... am I the only one thinking they aren't that great? From a graphics perspective these are weak and from a design perspective/fun it looks weak too.

Plus... I wonder what you can do in the half pipe course. Do the tricks give you speed boosts or something? Why else would you waste your time doing tricks and jumps?

3831d ago
jedistev3831d ago

But don't judge on too much on screenshot...i am sure it will be brill gameplay and for sure graphic much better than double dash!! great game... cant wait for online mode :-)