Scaleform and Epic Games Enhance Unreal Engine 3

VIA TXB- Scaleform Corporation and Epic Games, Inc. today announced that Scaleform GFx, the industry's leading user interface (UI) production tool for hardware-accelerated scalable vector graphics, is now integrated with Epic's Unreal Engine 3 (UE3), the number one game engine for cross-platform game development. As a member of Epic's exclusive Integrated Partners Program (IPP), Scaleform has developed a production-ready GFx integration, which is now available to publishers or developers licensing UE3.

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decapitator3680d ago

Am more interested in when they will be announcing Gears 2 than what the hell they are doing to the engine. Announce the game already and show some freaking images or possibly a trailer. Enough with the teasing.

wageslave3680d ago

Its coming, the wait is killing everyone too.

It is a sure-fire mega-hit, and we'll all see it soon -- I hope :)

mintaro3680d ago

maybe announcing it sometime this week

decapitator3680d ago

They should just get on with it and announce the thing on already. I mean Epic are not giving us gamers credit. Almost every gamer knows the game exist, all that's left is an official announcement from them. I don't think that is that hard. They should just announce it and show us a pic.

Also I am more interested in hearing about the new rumored co-op options.

Violater3680d ago

because the game does not require a working engine.

decapitator3680d ago

You missing the point. Is nice that the engine has been improved and everything. That's good. Are gamers going to be playing the "engine" or the game itself ?

Epic should come out and just announce the thing already. If you have been paying attention, you would see that Cliffy B has been away for a long time and just recently he has reappeared and been doing a lot of interviews. That definitely means something as he was the brains behind the first Gears of War.

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games4fun3680d ago

gears 2 will be a great game and i would be very happy if they were to announce dedicated servers no more will there be annoying lag and host advantage followed closely behind by his host shotgun

kevoncox3680d ago

People who complain about host advantage suck...
It's bad sometimes but If you work as a team, the host can be dealt with. Distract then from far. I am a host hunter.

i Shank u3680d ago

doesnt matter, yes the host can be beat, but its annoying as hell that you have to plan around and deal with it. dedicated servers are needed, and are now a must with free services (PSN, pc gaming) having them as a staple.

3680d ago
travelguy2k3680d ago

where they asked how far in advance that a game should be official y announced?

Multiplayer: What would be the perfect cycle for you for any game that you’re working on? From when you’re giving them that “geek boner” to when you put out the game? You don’t want to be Apple? You don’t want to be: “It’s on sale right now?”

Blezsinski: There’s different ways of doing it. And Apple’s been very successful with what they do. When you sell a movie or when you sell a video game you want it to be an event release. And the retailers what to know what date to expect it. And the marketing team needs to know. So many people need to coordinate that if you don’t have a plan, you might as well give up on it. So I think a year is roughly a good amount of time. You can do that on a slightly more compressed schedule.

Notice at the end where he says, "...a year is roughly a good amount of time." but also mention that it could be "slightly more compressed.."

I don't think Gears 2 in coming this year unless they announce within 2 months.

Cartesian3D3680d ago

sherlock holmes ? ... hi :)

bootsielon3680d ago

And it will show what these improvements are capable off

Cartesian3D3680d ago

but this time cant wait for PC version..

because they already push the 360 to the limits with Gears of war 1 .. so I dont expect too much improvments.. may be more stable framrates or lag-free multiplayer..

and first part was better on PC (20% more single player and better visuals) and I was able to play it at HIGHEST setting with stable FPS..

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