3 Reasons Sony's PS Vita Will Crush Handheld Competitors

A Google search on the PS Vita yields hundreds of stories about Sony’s dual-stick, powerhouse handheld’s “disappointing sales.” It’s too expensive, lacks a decent library of games and worst of all, it’s irrelevant since millions of consumers play games for free on mobile phones and tablets. Truth be told, this author was close to selling his PS Vita for the same reasons. But now it appears Sony is ready to lay a serious smack down on competitors (and whiny gamers) thanks to three brilliant moves pulled off this week.

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MariaHelFutura2188d ago

I don't know if the Vita will crush the 3DS (sales wise). But, the Vita is a great device that people should lay off on all the hating on it an allow it to grow and see where things go.

Griffin48712188d ago

It shouldn't have to grow. It's a monster of a handheld device that should have been very successful from the start, but it wasn't. It isn't hate toward the device, it's hate toward Sony for yet again making poor marketing decisions.

LOGICWINS2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

I wonder how many people saw the COD Vita commercial, thought about getting it, but saw the poor reviews on Metacritic and decided against the console altogether. Of all the games Sony chose to market Vita with, Declassified was one of the worst choices.

Sometimes I feel that Sony fans have better marketing ideas than Sony themselves.

pamelameyerso12188d ago

til I looked at the paycheck which had said $7984, I didnt believe that my friend was actualey erning money part time on there computar.. there aunts neighbour has been doing this 4 only 10 months and recently cleard the morgage on there mini mansion and got a gorgeous GMC. this is where I went,..

Kingthrash3602188d ago

Griffin.... Please tell me, what system WAS successful when it was first brought out?????? I don't recall any system being successful until its first price cut and that happens after a year. Not one single system has been killing in numbers right out the gates. Xbox nope, ps3 nope, wii nope, 3ds nope, ect. Developers are putting out monster games for the system already and it under a year old. A year from today it will produce games better than what it is now. The vitas potential is scary. Once that price drop comes it will sell better.

DivineHand1252188d ago

If memory serves, the wii did well at launch and also years following. Am I the only one that remembers how people were having a hard time finding a wii cause the supply couldn't meet the demand. Also the price for that console didn't drop until near the end of 2009.

Kingthrash3602188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

@ divine
I never stated the wii or ANY console didn't sell well at launch. I stated that they weren't considered successful until the price drop. And what i meant by "killing out the gates" means it wasnt a like say,apple does. the reason the wii was sold out is the same reason every home console is sold out at launch, including the wiiu they make them slow just for the sold out headlines, making people believe they are missing out on something so they try to buy too. How many times have u heard of a system sellin on eBay for ridiculous prices because of the sell out? It happens to every home console. The wii btw came out costing lower than its other competitors at the time ( something the wiiU should have done again in my opinion) and there for sold good at launch.... So did n64 and look how ps1 crushed it. In America at least it all about the deal, lower cost better sales. Simple really, the company's know this so they launch a console at high price to get the hardcore gamers $ ( people who will buy it because they like to be " first" to own it) after a year or so depending on how sales are ( the wii sold well so Nintendo didn't have to drop as fast btw) company drop prices to continue sales then, and only then will a console or handheld be considered successful . It's far to soon for fail or success story's for the vita or wiiU because they are still in the infant stage in their life span.

@ logic.... Cod declassified is a very fun game in my opinion. I'm pretty sure u haven't played the game with that comment . Yes sp was wakk. But mp is super fun. thos reviews that u let make choices for you have taken u away from that fun. I'm not judging you or nuthin but play it first then make your opinion.

kneon2188d ago

It seems to be popular near me. I'm sitting in a McDonalds right now and the near app shows 18 people within 1 mile of here.

Mounce2188d ago

To me, I look at the Nintendo DS game library and I barely see anything that would count as top-quality games, beyond a few simple First-party games like Zelda/Mario and Nintendos' neverending brand name mascots, but it just didn't have what PSP had of a large diversity in strong 2nd party and 3rd party games that stood out beyond what Sony themselves made.

Killzone Liberations and MGS Peacewalker, FF7 Crisis Core alone made me buy a PSP, although a refurbished one as I sought PSP-2000 as I heard of the screen issues for 3000 due to hardware limitations messing it up. Peacewalker and Crisis Core had SO many god damn hours of gameplay that would alone trump the replayability and life of most other handheld titles on the market to this day. I think I have around 200 hours on Peacewalker, 70 hours on CC. Only thing on Nintendos' handheld that could compete time-wise would be Pokemon.

Ju2188d ago

Why Declassified got those bad reviews is beyond my understanding. I think it is a great game on the go. It plays like CoD and it has quite some game modes.

If you expected a full length game like on consoles you might be disappointed, but it has great visuals, "THE" CoD controls, and the typical game modis. Those reviews are idiots, seriously. The game was obviously targeted at a quick in and out mobile market and not the hour long online play a console covers. Everything else is top notch with that game.

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XB1_PS42188d ago

The problem is exposure. A buddy of mine has a PS3, and PsP. I was talking to him, and he mentioned that if a new version of the PsP came out he would get it. He had no idea the Vita even exsisted. He was surprised when I told him it's been out for almost a year...
I don't see enough of it for it to be a household name. It needs a good advertising run. A catchy commercial that when you see it you say, "Holy shit, I want that".

XB1_PS42188d ago

I just caved. It's on it's way. :)

Knight_Crawler2188d ago

shouldn't the headline read crush handheld competitor?

Since you know its only Sony and Nintendo.

360ICE2188d ago

One reason it won't:


fatstarr2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

*throws up powder*
Delusion... Delusion everywhere

lmao I wish I can find those articles and quote some n4g peeps
on some of the things they said about the vita

I remember words like
kill Nintendo
lol ahahah

its like wiiu is off to a better start than the vita and it gets tons of hate,
vita is failing for almost a year now and people just pat it on the back and tell it to try harder and then n4g users attack the ds and the 3DS lmao. comedy all over man.

comedy and delusion = this thread.

FriedGoat2187d ago

I own a 3DS, had it since launch. The Vita might not be selling well but it blows the 3DS out of the water. and we're only 8 months in.
Here's a pic of my 3DS, pretty dusty.

younghavok2187d ago

Its cool to hate Nintendo, its cool to like Sony. Vita is selling like crap but if you say something about it you get attacked. WiiU seems to be selling good, but if you say anything good about it you get attacked. The internet is a weird place.

FriedGoat2186d ago

I don't neglect my 3DS because its cool to neglect it, I neglect it because I have nothing to play besides 5 hour long games with no content, when I have my Vita with 20+ hr games with loads to do. I will however be picking up prof. Layton soon so I'll have to get the pledge.

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NastyLeftHook02188d ago

well this is news for gamers so as a gamer who likes games i want a awesome game device that playes great games and gaming is what i like to do alot so if my games can be in hd and my games are high quality a gamer like me can be happy with playing games on this gaming device.

Cosmit2188d ago

No sales = Less/No games.

Gaming_Guru2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

There has to be a game before the sale, if there is no game sales cannot exist.

The chicken or the egg ordeal, lol, so there will always be games, but there can be only less games.

Hx3KinG2188d ago

lol how many times do you wanna use the words gamer, games and gaming in a sentence, lmao

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Who approved this positive vita news? must be a mistake?

Neckbear2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Yet a journalistic report on the fact the Vita didn't hit top 100 on Amazon even with the black friday price drop got deleted without much word, lol

DarkHeroZX2188d ago

actually The vita was on gamestop's best sellers top 5 and the 3ds was nowhere in site. Who actually uses amazon to buy video games?

j4re2188d ago

I primarily use Amazon for all my gaming related needs. They have the best prices, free shipping, and no tax in my state. It's a triple win in my book.

Norrison2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

A lot of people use amazon for video games, they match steam sales and sometimes even surpass them, you're missing out on a lot of sales. Also the vita bundle did sell, it got sold out..
Gamestop is shitty btw.

CalvinKlein2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

PROBABLY BECAUSE THAT IS FALSE BRO. I ALWAYS look at the amazon top 100 selling videogames as my default amazon page to see what new game may be on sale and see whats selling hot.

The AC VITA bundle made it up to around number 40 when it first came out and was the highest the vita has been in a while.

LOOKS LIKE THE AC VITA BUNDLE IS NOW #2, yes #2, on the top selling videogames on AMAZON and is now sold out to buy from amazon. so I guess your info was incorrect.

This might be this highest a vita has ever been in the amazon top 100 selling videogame items.

EDIt--- HAHAHAHAH I just have to laugh again that you call it a "FACT" and I checked and it was at NUMBER 2 bestsellers, easily the highest the VITA has EVER been on amazon, even when it first came out. I look at taht top 100 page almost every day so I would know.

Edit 2-- I got mine in faburary and have barley played my PS3, 360, or PC since; only for the occasional must play game. I like the vita so much because you can just pause whenever and then pick right back up where you left off. I hope everyone enjoys their new vita as much as Ive enjoyed mine.

BigStef712188d ago

#1 now and the deals been over for hours lmao. This is a great thing to see that vita is selling really well over the holidays

Jazz41082188d ago

I just left the black friday sale at walmart and they still had tons of vitas in stock and 2 expensive ps3s and no 360s and most of its games were gone. Looking from what I see from the usa biggest store the vita is not doing well even with the bundles as they had ple ty and i left the store 24 hours after the lines and madness began.

GamingGuru2188d ago


I want to live in a world where Faburary is a real thing.

kikizoo2188d ago

@xteampro, like every dumb haters : "psp is dying" "bluray is dying" "ps3 is dying" "vita is dying"

Reality is always telling you that you are wrong..

They can't be gamers with that kind of stupid hate for sony (most important brand in the game industry) ..probably shareholders, employees, or worst, americans who hates japaneses.

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xtreampro2188d ago ShowReplies(1)
DarkHeroZX2188d ago

well all I know was the ps vita and ps3 500 gig models sold out in almost every major retailer in m area and they both are in the top 5 best sellers on gamestop's website. Guess that $199 price tag is the sweet spot for consumers.

BigStef712188d ago

This is what I like to hear!!! Sony went full out advertising this device this holiday season with ads and commercials. It looks like the price drop on Black Friday will turn out to be very successful for them especially that amazon one which I was able to get and from the looks of it that has already sold out. Also the free vita games from ps+ are very nice addition. I'm excited to see what developers are making for this system