Can PC Gaming be Saved from Extinction?

GameAlmighty's Chris Jensen writes, "It was recently reported in the San Jose Mercury News that a gaggle of PC titans will announce the formation of the PC Gaming Alliance. Supposedly this announcement will occur at the Game Developers Conference this week and includes such behemoths as AMD, Nvidia, Microsoft and Intel. This new club will have one major objective: save PC gaming from extinction.

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THWIP3719d ago

PC devs learn to make games less troublesome for gamers to actually get to play their games. Crysis may have been the most technically advanced game ever created, but it was a complete joke if you consider how few people actually got to experience the full experience. Console gaming makes it simple, and now the hardware has caught up to least the average PC that most gamers tend to own. There will be far more 360s and PS3s sold than there will be gaming rigs capable of running Crysis on high/max settings....guaranteed. PC devs better recognize this soon.

Joey Gladstone3719d ago

....Does your name mean something? or is it simply the noise that Spiderman's webbing makes when deployed lol??? .....oh and spot on with your above statement about the current hole that the PC market has seemed to dug for themselves.
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

strwrsxprt3719d ago

I completely agree that PC gaming is in the hands of the developers. They need to create games that are accessible by the majority of PC users and not just those willing to spend a lot of money on a power pc.

theox2g73719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

pc gaming was never dying from extinction and never will, first off, crysis doesn't need to be played at max to be fully enjoyed, heck even most console games have graphic settings/resolution pixels shaved off
to improve performance,

there is nothing wrong with crysis not running uber max on current rigs, it's been like that with pc games for years even from the half life days, i remember a game terminal velocity could not be played smoothly on any of the first gen voodoo cards until a couple of years down the line, no one forces u to max the game, it's more of a luxury than a necessity or requirement, crysis on medium/high easily rivals the best looking fps on next gen consoles in texture lighting quality and can run on a decent average gaming rig, there is nothing wrong with that, it's called scaling ur game engine forward so that with newer upcoming hardware, u can adapt the game engine and enhance the experience for higher replay value, this concept is new to most console gamers who don't know much about pc gaming,

u're saying few ppl experienced crysis, but i don't think 1 million and counting is a few ppl, do you? the game went platinum, i don't think that's a complete joke and unlike console games that purely live on hype to sell, and that doesn't even include the ppl that pirated the game, pc games are selling like crazy but just not in the US and on shelves, most of the sales are in Europe and online distribution,
crysis will continue to sell with a steady pace like other pc games along the line as hardware comes out and older hardware becomes cheaper

FYI, half life 2 came out in 2004 and couldnt be fully maxed out with AA and AF on any rig at that time, it sold less than 200k in the first few months but went on to sell 4 million copies by 2006 and that doesn't even fully include Steam sales who are reluctant to provide solid figures, and we all know steam is well known for half life counterstrike source games, the source engine was made almost 4 years ago

pc games are selling but just not as fast as console games, u can come on here and argue with me about console game x selling millions of copies but u forget that console games live primarily on hype to sell because at entry level, everybody can run the game well without any problems so the moment newer games come out and hype dies down, nobody cares for the older games, they all rush to the newer games, check halo 3 sales now and compare it's first month sales for proof, this is not the case for pc games, pc games may be hyped but it's hardware that sells them, most pc gamers are just waiting to upgrade to buy some of the games out, if u want proof, check the number of legit ppl still playing on cod 2 servers today, it's gradual and just not as fast as consoles, the developers who are in it for a quick buck may not like it this way and so they may chicken out to consoles where the money comes fast but for the other developers who know development cost is way cheaper on pc considering licensing and engine tweaking, they will keep making pc games for years to come,

NPD and all these console fanboys keep reiterating this overused "pc gaming is dying" cliche for no apparent reason, yes consoles have always been better for value in gaming and yes they take the chunk of the gaming marketshare but it has been like this for years, it has never changed, ppl talk like things are changing but it has been this way for years, they are like "consoles took 84% of 2007 US retail sales and we completely ignored online sales full well knowing steam is a billion dollar online distributor which showed a 20+% increase in sales in 2007, and there are 7 platforms versus one pc platform but that doesn't matter, pc gaming is doomed and dying"

Console games are awesome and so are pc games, they are both alive and well and here to stay, if not so, console exclusive developers wouldnt waste their time and resources porting console exclusives like dmc4, assassin's creed, gears, mass effect, lost planet etc with extra content to pc

mintaro3719d ago

i think spore could be the game that saves pc gaming, doesnt take a monster pc to run it
2.its doing something totally unique
3.and it's being made by Will Wright

just my opinion

GlossGreen3719d ago

it's a good game to begin with, and there are no certainties in this business.

Chris_GTR13719d ago

pc gaming cant be saved. its just impossible, the piracy scene is just way too big on pc. just like psp, piracy also is killing off the psp.

M337ING3719d ago

Then developers should start using services like Steam. Steam games are subject to much less widespread piracy because of increased checks and virtual impossibility of playing online.

jinn3719d ago

unless they stop the production of console games shifting also to the PC

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