Trine 2: Director’s Cut to get headset support patched in next month

An update to Frozenbyte's first self-published title will see players chatting with their friends in-game.

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Crillvirus811340d ago

That's great cause it really is a great game

impet261340d ago

gd game but local coop doesnt work i tried it wit wii controllers and wiiu pro controller and got nothing they need 2 patch that. I guess they must have forgot that trying 2 rush it out 4 launch.

Munnkyman1339d ago

Local coop works for me. I play with the classic controllers. My issues is the tablet control keeps freezing

impet261339d ago

Dats gd 2 know but in da eshop it said wii controllers supported but it dont work...

Munnkyman1339d ago

That's wierd I mean we turn on the wii remotes to connect the classic controllers to them