Guild Wars 2 lacks basic security features

OmniGamer writes " absolutely love Arena Net’s latest entry into the MMORPG market, Guild Wars 2. It is a beautifully detailed game with a great art design, great sound design, great gameplay, and did I mention there is no monthly fee. You pay for the game and that is all you do, Arena Net never asks you for another cent of your money. Even though I like the fact that there is not subscription fee I sometimes think the game would be a lot better with one. Don’t get me wrong I love the gem store, and who knows how much money I’ve spent ($150+), but the game lacks some basic features that should be included with every MMO."

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DanShadow271848d ago

I think I get an email from ArenaNet once about every week with an unauthorized login attempt notice.

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OhMyGandhi1848d ago

Pamela, meet Dan.
Dan, meet Pamela.

r40k2131848d ago

I've been playing GW2 since before launch and I haven't once recieved an email about an unauthorized login attempt. Either I'm just lucky (probably) or people need to start learning some basic personal security strategies like not using the same password for every single account.

Cirran1848d ago

I have to confirm through email every time I want to log in. Never had any unauthorized login attempts.

r40k2131848d ago

After you type in the authorization code that was emailed to you, check the box on the following page that says something along the lines of "remember this location" and you won't have to authorize it every time.

Cirran1848d ago

Oh I did that once but still got the email. I also want the authorisation? More security is fine with me,

mortalrage1847d ago

If your getting hacked, then its one of your family members!!! Or stay away from porn, they got your email password!!