BF3 Awesomeness - Player destroys two planes with a rocket launcher while piloting a... helicopter

DSOGaming writes: "Remember the RendeZook video for Battlefield 3, a video that showcased amazing skills? Remember earlier last week a new version of it, in which a player was able to destroy the AC130 with a rocket launcher? Well, get ready for more impressive stuff, as YouTube’s member ‘t4ct1x1′ has managed to destroy two planes – with a rocket launcher – while piloting a helicopter. This is undoubtedly among the best kills we’ve ever seen in Battlefield 3, so be sure to check it out!"

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Hufandpuf2007d ago

my jaw literally dropped. EPIC

taquito2007d ago

that was freaking cool as heck.....but ummm....does this guy have the graphics set to ultra low, it looks awful, even when i set the vid to 1080p....

Vip3r2007d ago

I doubt it since he's playing it on the PS3...

El Nino2007d ago

He knew it was on PS3 that's why he made the comment, acting dumb to get in a sly dig.

yoyo121212006d ago

It must be his recorder because the graphics look amazing on PS3

Soldierone2007d ago

Nothing too complicated about it. Was honestly expecting two jets with one missile lol....

talisker2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

His kill is even more epic because he stopped the other guy's killing streak of 17, in a jet. It means his victim is a very skilled pilot.

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