Sony's Portable Console Dying Ugly in Japan

Forbes writes: "The performance of Vita in Japan has been nothing short of atrocious on so many levels. On the week ending November 11, the unit volume in Japan was a shocking 4,021. The eight-years-old PSP sold 12,000 units during the same week. This is a rare example of a new console failing to dislodge the old one even after one year on the market."

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Snookies122037d ago

Lol, I stopped reading at, "The PS3 is aging badly".

Jinkies2037d ago

It's the only consoles left which is basicaly future proof.

It looks, plays and works great for being 6 years old...

AAACE52036d ago

Future proof? No! Nothing is future proof these days. But it is doing well and keeps me playing.

Series_IIa2036d ago

Future proof?

Most games on all of the consoles can't even achieve 720p screen resolution...

Unless upscaling is the future?

MikeMyers2036d ago

It's far from future proof. Just because bluray holds lots of storage space doesn't mean the systems limited amount of RAM and aging GPU is future proof. I do disagree that the PS3 is aging badly though. It's still pumping out great games and future titles like The Last Of Us show great promise and one that still holds its own visually to modern PC's.

Blacktric2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

"Tero Kuittinen

VP at Alekstra - mobile diagnostics, mobile trend research, mobile expense management.

The author is a Forbes contributor. The opinions expressed are those of the writer."

So to put it simply, this guy is just some iOs loving dipsh*t who doesn't have any actual clue about the handheld console market, let alone actual home console one.

Never, EVER, take the words of a market researcher as facts or even as a rumor in a serious way. Ever. These guys are just clowns, parading as actual intelligent researchers.

Mounce2036d ago

@Blacktric - I like you :) lol

@Series_lla - Future proof, a term used by Sony that signals their personal goal of keeping the life of their hardware for 10 years before ditching it, unlike what Microsoft did with Xbox 1 which was butcher it early to fuck over the fanbase that still were playing it to push them to buy their next console to make up for a loss of FULL support by the company.

PS3 and Vita are guaranteed future proof, Sony says this to tell us, the consumer, that they plan on giving it support undeniably until their time is up. PS2 had support up to games like God of War 2 in 2007, that was when PS2 was basically 7-8 years old. PS3 is getting the same treatment, and Vita. To me, it's them saying "Don't think we'll jump ship and tell the current buyers - "Sorry, since its selling like shit right now, we plan on just ignoring everything and pretending it never existed, you just wasted your money, kthxbai""

Meaning, if you buy Sony hardware, it WILL be an investment, that of which is only a matter of time before a game is funded or developed for it that will be of everyones interest individually. I have a Vita, and I will wait patiently knowing there Will be a good handful of games that will make me say "DAMNIT I want a Vita now! -_-" and want to buy one anxiously, but I have one Now so I can just go out and buy that game when it comes out :P

NeverEnding19892036d ago

Not sure why you guys are going so far off topic.

He's looking at numbers and the numbers say the Vita is doing about as good in Japan as the original Xbox did.

dennett3162036d ago

@Mounce, the 360 has been out a year longer than the PS3 and is also still going strong. Both companies are stretching this generation out, and both companies will support both formats even when their next gen offerings are ready.
Both have lost so much money this gen because of their loss leading strategy that they can't afford to abandon the hardware when it's now actually generating profit for them on each unit sold. Sony are not unique in this instance.

Also, future proof does not mean what you take it to mean. Future proof is discussed in terms of hardware only, not software support. Hardware wise, no console is future proof because their spec is fixed with the exception of storage space. PC's are future proof because every component can be replaced at any time.

Blacktric2036d ago


Some people are going off topic because the author is an absolute clown. It doesn't matter he's pointing out a fact (Vita doing bad in Japan), because the rest of the article points out towards two possibilities;

-He either doesn't have any clue about what the hell is he talking about as a whole, considering the things he said about PS3...

-Or he's just completely biased, which I don't think is that possible since the guy is writing for Forbes as a mobile market researcher who mostly focuses on mobile market (mobile as in cellphones and smartphones).

Dee_912036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

lmao you shouldve kept reading

" Nintendo’s portable gaming empire is facing a potentially lethal long-term threat from mobile apps. Apple‘s iPad application market is getting more and more sophisticated game titles, as ambitious games like “The Room” and “Clash of Clans” edge towards console game quality"


I just dont understand why people keep comparing the sells to the DS.I mean I understand because both are handheld mobile devices but c'mon,nintendo has always had the more popular handheld coming from the gameboy days.Thats like comparing the sells of black ops 2 and resistance 2 regarding popularity.Just because it didnt sells as much as a juggernaut doesnt mean its doing bad.
Im guessing thats what people are basing they're scales of good or bad on.
Oh well I dont care.Il prob get my vita sometime next year when I start school.Yea.. Normal people dont buy everything day 1 btw

@ blacktric
He's just another one of those "phones will take over the gaming market"idiots

Consoldtobots2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

I am currently replaying GOW3 and my jaw still drops at what Sony Santa Monica achieved on the PS3. Anybody that can look at games like God of War, Uncharted, for the graphics they achieve with 512mb ram and what Insomniac achieved with Resistance 1 in terms of parallel processing.........which STILL HASN'T BEEN MATCHED OR SURPASSED. anybody that tells different is a fanboy talking out of their behind.

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HarryMasonHerpderp2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

The author sounds like a butt hurt fanboy "it can feast on Sony's corpse and hoover in consumer dollers" who talks like that? it's like he's loving it.
What a complete loser.

kopicha2036d ago

he is just trying to get hits for the site. That's obvious. With all the Vita hate going all these long, that's like an easy way to draw attention. Notice he wrote 2 different article on the same day which one praise and one bash. Moreover it is not the first time the site is writing on article to bash on Vita. There was at least twice in just less than a month with this one making it 3 articles. Funny thing is how contradicting to then write another article to praise the device over the recent addition with PS+. Anyway a writer who can call games like The Room and Clash of Clans console quality games already you can stop reading right there.

torchic2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

never agreed more with a human being.

I just want to add that this was the same website that just a few hours ago posted an article that gave "3 reasons why Sony's PS Vita will crush handeheld competitors"

dennett3162036d ago

It's a big site with several different writers. They most likely also operate from a "neutrality" stance in that both sides of every story must be put forward so as to counter accusations of bias. They are not a games specific or format specific site, that's not conflict of interest, it's ensuring a level of unbiased coverage.

Tewi-Inaba2036d ago

The difference is, one is an opinion the other is a fact ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

geddesmond2036d ago

Lol I did the exact same thing. Japanese PS3 sales have always been around the 15k to 21k a week mark unless it gets a software boost from titles the japanese market goes crazy for. Last week the PS3 sold 17k. How exactly is that aging badly lol.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

Why didn't he mention the 70 Million+ sales on par with xbox after giving it a year head start?

sony will finish 2nd place and and 1st place in non casual gamers eyes.

CalvinKlein2036d ago

you mean sony lost half its market share and MS gained more than double theirs from last gen?

zgoldenlionz2036d ago

I got a feeling November is going to be a good month for the vita. Scratch that it's going to be a great month.

Anon19742036d ago

I guess now that the hoopla surrounding the Wii-U's launch has died down a bit, gaming "journalists" can get back to what they've been doing for the past 6 months, reminding us all of the Vita's impending doom, over and over and over again.

Abriael2036d ago

I stopped reading at "".

ChronoJoe2036d ago

So you stopped reading near the end of the article?


2pacalypsenow2036d ago

It shows the in the N4g article page

ChronoJoe2036d ago

My reply was @ Snookies12, the guy I hit reply on.

He said he stopped reading at 'the PS3 is aging badly' which is fair enough, but that's usually what people say when they stop reading at something early on, which flags the entire thing as probably not worth reading.

It's kind of redundant to say, when you've already read 90% of the articles content.

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moegooner882037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

" The franchise is not as strong over there as it is in America and Europe, but the PS3 version of the game still sold 73’000 units – a solid number considering how badly the PS3 is aging right now. In stark contrast, the Vita version of the AC3 sold just 24’000 units – and this triggered only 9’000 unit increase in the console sales."

So selling 73,000 units among an install base of 6 million, is considered a solid number, but selling 24,000 units among an install base of 1 million isn't, how exactly does this make any sense ??

MikeMyers2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

It doesn't make much sense other than Vita obviously has a much more limited game selection when compared to the PS3. The author is suggesting AC3 is more of a system seller for Vita than it is on the PS3 (or thinks it should have been). Not sure if I would agree unless marketing was more so for the Vita version.

What we need to take into context is not all great products have great success. For whatever reason Vita is failing to capture a wide audience. I personally think it is due to todays times with everyone fighting for spare time with the huge array of devices available now to the consumer. On top of that Vita has been marketed as a sidekick/partnered to the PS3 whereas something like the 3DS is more geared towards its own identity. As a PS3 owner the Vita looks much more tempting (especially for me being a Plus member), but as a non-PS3 owner it probably doesn't. That's just my own opinion.

aceitman2036d ago

Japan is waiting for a price drop , they did the same with the psp and it took off , the 3ds did the same thing price drop and boom it took off . I think after the holiday Sony will do a price cut or ,they might surprise us and just keep the price down now.

XB1_PS42036d ago

I bought it after the black friday price drop. It was too appealing once it cut under $200.

NYC_Gamer2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

PSV isn't dying the handheld is just being ignored by many developers in favor of the 3DS..It's not fair that many studios haven't produced/announced any Vita software.

Aibo2036d ago

Well, in my opinion:
"many studios haven't produced/announced any Vita software" = "dying system"

bubblebeam2036d ago

A lot of that is due to the fact that Sony are well renowned for making games for the 'core', and devs these days are trying to find new and cheap ways to make quick $$$.

It does suck, yes. But there are already some great games out for it. Persona 4 Golden has like a 95 on Meta off 20 reviews or something. That's insane.
It shows a handheld can have better games than what home consoles can offer.

I think people are being a bit to presumptuous, as the VITA hasn't even been out a full year in Japan, and only 9 months everywhere else. Give it time.

Majin-vegeta2037d ago

*Looks through submitter's history*Damn trolls are out today.

Lol guys don''t bother clicking the link it's jibberish.

j4re2036d ago

Gibberish or not, this terrifies me: "Nintendo’s 3DS continued its rampage, moving 186’000 units during the week – 46 times more than its handheld rival."

smashcrashbash2037d ago

I love when people revel in Sony being in trouble with articles like this. How is the PS3 'aging badly'? What does that even mean? I have never seen a generation so eager to see a console fail. I watched Sega's consoles die and never laughed or gloated or anything.It was horrible to see the Dreamcast with so much potential go to waste like that and the same goes for the VITA. No matter what I think of another console i would never want to see it go to waste.

onandonandon2036d ago

"Sony in trouble"? Revel away!!