Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified Review

GameReactor Denmark writes: Some challenges can be cozy to go by, and if the AI ​​was so shaking his head bad, could be good entertainment in the many small missions, but it can not mask the fact that in the best case is a bad game, although there may squeeze some fun out here and there. Can the developer have rigged the problems of stability and multiplayer, there is potential there. For basic mechanics nothing wrong - in the part. However, it is difficult to give a mark of hope.

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KLegend_991976d ago

Alright we get it! Critics don't like black ops declassified, but im glad a lot of people on youtube enjoy it.

Welshy1975d ago

It's bordering on MoH: Warfighter material now.

The voice of the internet has decreed it a bad game, so everyone is in a bum rush to agree and jump on the sub-4/10 band wagon.

If it's a massively polarizing or complex game, the huge amount of reviews are good to get a sense of what's what, but a constant stream of 2, 3 and 4/10 scores is just beating a dead horse.

We get the point now!

KING851975d ago

I ordered my Vita yesterday during the Assassin's Creed sale, but I think I may just pass on the Declassified. Bought MOH on PC and I regret paying the $40 I spent. It's not as horrid as people may think, but it certainly does not hold up to today's standard shooters. Hopefully another COD game will grace the Vita with a much stronger effort as I heard the dev time was limited. Getting a more established dev team would help.

PoSTedUP1974d ago

yeah knew it was gonna be bad, just by the developers and how resistanceVita was, resistance was ok but the aiming feel to the analogue sticks was destined to ruin this cod game, cod HAS to be fluent and quick on the aiming controls or it will be garbage.

Kingthrash3601975d ago

They had to pay... Instead of gettin paid this time. There angry.
Cod vita 7.8

ambientFLIER1975d ago

7.8 for a full-price rehash of a two year old game, with no campaign, zombies, missing features and tiny maps with only 8 players that only work half of the time? Kay...


Kingthrash3601975d ago

Sounds like a typical cod game to me guy. Who plays it for the sp? yes it woulda been nice if it was good but really mp is its bread and butter. we all know all cod's are rehashes of a 4 year old game and yes zombies shoulda been added but what can u expect from a handheld?? its only 2 gigs dam. still its better than resistance but some how get a lower score? sounds like people are buthurt for having to pay for the over priced game instead of gettin a free copy.

Thanks for correcting my spellcheck its an ass sometimes.

ambientFLIER1972d ago

Um...I expect to get ALL the features if I'm paying full price. if they priced it at $20, I'd have no problems with it.

Nes_Daze1975d ago

Gamereactor, not surprised, they're usually very harsh on every damn game.

Agheil1975d ago

The Critics hate the game yet Users like it (yet they still state it has its faults), I'll wait on this one until a lower price is made available.

admiralvic1975d ago

Critics are looking at the whole package, where as most fans just say "it's the CoD experience on the go and has fantastic multiplayer". I really think this is just a hard game to review, since you can EASILY make a case for it being good or bad.

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