Top 10 Grand Theft Auto Missions

GameInformer- Every Grand Theft Auto boasts several memorable missions. Some stand out for their explosive action, while others earn a way into our hearts for their sense of humor. Distilling this vast pool of moments wasn’t easy. This list tries to capture the best of both styles of missions.

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PhoenixRising371976d ago

My favorite GTA mission is "Hating the Haters" from GTA IV.

jammy_701976d ago

Loads of awesome missions in San Andreas

americanGTA1976d ago

AGREE!!! I hope they have more FPS in GTA5

vortis1976d ago

Finally, some love for GTA IV.

People like ragging on this game so much, but I'm glad Three Leaf Clover got top billing. Everything about that mission was perfection, from the front door shootout to the alleyway shootout to the escape through the subway tunnels, to that amazing getaway sequence back to the house. Absolutely epic.

I think they should have replaced the final mission of GTA: SA with the other mission where CJ is on the motorcycle and they recreate the T2 chase scene through the aquaducts. That was pretty epic. The final mission in GTA: SA was hard and boring and long and way too drawn out. There were like 20 others that were a lot better, like the casino heist in Las Venturas, which was nearly on par to Three Leaf Clover.

Ezio20481976d ago

yeah even i absolutely adore GTA IV.....