Microsoft's multi-platform Xbox strategy faces risks, rewards

It has been an interesting couple of years for the Xbox, ones in which gamers have witnessed a shift from a hardcore gaming focus to a world of casual gaming with Kinect, avatars, and cross-platform Xbox games and services.

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StrongMan1979d ago

Two problems I see with this. One is when the soccer moms, grandparents, and hipsters find out that they have to pay to use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other free services they will walk away. Two is that the core gamers that put the Xbox where it is today are seeing MS's obsession with casuals and media and will think twice before buying a 720. If the Vita offers cross game chat for free then so will the PS4 so that won't be a selling point anymore to keep them on Xbox. Personally, if all I see is a bunch of Kinect games and the usual Halo and Gears every other year then I'm afraid I will have to pass on the 720.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

I completely agree.

I just wonder if MS will try to seperate the core gamer from the casual gamer? Which could be fine and you would know what to expect on each version.

If they push kinect on the cheaper version I would be fine with that.

Or this could be a signal that casual gamers are taking center stage right from the beginning of a generation.

Sony already has their plan.
"Sony's Jack Tretton Shares PlayStation 4 Vision: It Is About Core Gaming and Entertainment."

Also (this is weird to say) will basic multi player be free?

Or will the 720 cost an extra $50 after I spend $400-$450 on it?
MS is ridiculous imo. But I can't blame them because it works! lol

My next gen plan is to just have my ps4 next to my pc. Sony will most likely do awsome things with gaikai. And naughty dog + new hardware? oh my lord..

Also their will be a lot of disappointed kids come christmas. "WOW XBOX!!!!!!!! Oh the crappy version.. :( (>_<)".

Mr Blings1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

completely agree. I have been a gold subscriber since the day the service went live. I am letting it run out though and will become a silver member. I am just turned off by the route Microsoft has taken with the service and brand in general.
I just bought a year into PS plus however. Until recently I bought most multi-platform titles for 360 but going to start going the playstation route.

I have already decided to not buy into all three platforms next gen. Leaning Playstation and possibly a Wii U at this point in time. Already picked up a Wii U but have not opened it. Thinking about possibly selling it if it gets hot or maybe just taking it back if it doesn't. On the fence with it.

nukeitall1978d ago

There are several problems with what you are saying.

MS spreading out their potential market means it is more suitable for a family to own an Xbox i.e not the lone core gamer. On top of that, real gamers generally don't care about what else the console offers if what it offers suits them just fine i.e. PC can be used for casual games, but they still play core games on it.

It is about breadth in offering, and not how narrow your market can be.

Online games are still more popular on Xbox Live than on competing console free services.

What people don't realize is that core games also consume large amounts of other entertainment. The vast majority don't "just" play games.

Next generation, I will be waiting to see what MS and Sony is offering before I make a choice as we already have a good clue about Nintendo.

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andibandit1978d ago

Youre delusional if you think a multi billion dollar company hasnt already thought of this.

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