DmC Devil May Cry comes to GTA IV with this mind-blowing mod

DSOGaming writes: "Fact: the new Dante is not as cool as the old one. Fact: the PC version of DmC Devil May Cry will not be coming out anytime soon. Fact: GTA IV has amazing mods. Therefore, we are happy to infor you about a mind-blowing GTA IV mod that brings DmC Devil May Cry’s setting (and characters) to Rockstar’s sandbox title."

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phntom2010d ago

Still a better DmC than the new one.

League_of_Draven2010d ago

I don't see why they bothered with this. Nobody plays GTA4 anymore.

scotchmouth2010d ago

Your use of "nobody" makes you appear illogical

CDzNutts2010d ago

Reasonable assumption would lead one to conclude that his use of the word "nobody" is synonymous with "very few people" and not literally nobody.

Your inability to understand the difference between literal and figurative meanings of words makes you appear to possess a low IQ.

Ben_Grimm2010d ago

Next gen consoles (and developers) really need to support player created mods. PS3 had it going on in the beginning but it and devs dropped it.

Reverent2010d ago

Haha, I doubt it, but that would be incredible.

Twilightx72010d ago

Fact: The writer of this article doesn't understand the definition of the word "fact".