PlayStation All-Stars: 5 characters who should have made the cut writes:

"Sony’s Smash Bros-inspired brawler PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale does exactly what it says on the tin: brings together a host of iconic characters plucked from 15 years of PlayStation gaming, and lets them rough each other up in the ring. However, its choice of combatants is slightly questionable. Sure, we’ve got a host of heavyweight combatants like Nathan Drake, Kratos and Sly Cooper bringing home the pain, but likewise there are some conspicuous holes in the roster."

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CalvinKlein1979d ago

GIANT ENEMY CRAB!!! especially for last boss.

StrongMan1979d ago

There's just too many Playstation characters to narrow the list down.

yami9301979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

For anyone who doesn't know (like the author in the article) putting Donte in the game over Dante was not superbots decision, they tried to get Dante but capcom did not allow Dante, or any sort of Dante skin or anything, they only provided Donte, and it was either that or nothing so superbot took him. As for Crash, negotiations and agreements still have yet to be done between superbot and activision (plus he throws wumpa fruit not apples lol) as well as the talks between superbot and square enix is not over either, so I don't feel Superbot deserves any blame for characters not making it, they only put what they had, fantastic game either way and the DLC is very exciting, looking forawrd to all the additions to the game!

smashcrashbash1979d ago

You are talking to concrete. People blame Superbot no matter what.They are not their characters and they cannot dictate what they want to the people they are asking.You cannot go in and demand Old Dante for instance. Capcom says that this is Dante now and that is how it is.They aren't going to compromise their potion on using new Dante to give Superbot Old Dante and have DMC fans up their @$$ asking 'If you can use old Dante for PASBR why can't you use him in the new DMC'. These developer aren't as stupid as people think they are.

admiralvic1979d ago

Heres the thing, there is a lot of conflicting information. While I agree that Superbot doesn't deserve all the blame they're getting, we also don't know what they tried to do or how much effort was applied. For all we know they could have asked for ____ character in ____ version because the other version was more recent and perhaps easier to get. In the end, your point loses validity when you look at things at a larger scale.

"They aren't going to compromise their potion on using new Dante to give Superbot Old Dante and have DMC fans up their @$$ asking 'If you can use old Dante for PASBR why can't you use him in the new DMC'. These developer aren't as stupid as people think they are."

Yet Project X Zone had classic Dante announced a little before All-Stars announced DmC Dante. I think using the classic look in a game that released a whole month and like 9 days earlier, certainly could cause some confusion here. Sure it's East vs West here, but it also compromises their position too.

Jinkies1979d ago

Well I kind of think they did have a decison but it worked out benefiting them more

"“We understand that different people have their own favorite version of Dante. However, once players sit down and try him out they will realize that he’s simply a blast to play!"

So basicaly they picked the best one who they thought was peoples favorite and were trying to calm people down because their "favorite" didn't get picked.

admiralvic1979d ago

I wouldn't be shocked if they picked that version for a different reason. Like perhaps it cost less to use the newer version, since they were getting free marketing from All-Stars or simply because the new version is what people are talking about.

smashcrashbash1979d ago

Where in that did they say they had a choice but they picked that one? How do you know that didn't mean they had to pick him but they are reassuring you that this on plays just fine despite not being the one you want? And way do people think that using new Dante could be cheaper then using Old Dante. How does that make any sense? Why should something newer be less expensive to use then something older?

And why would Capcom care about free marketing when people have been talking non stop about new Dante and nothing else about the game.So how is putting him in PASBR going to stop anyone who hates him or accepts him to look at him any differently? Are people going to hate him any less because he is in PASBR? And anyone who doesn't know who he is doesn't care which Dante he is so how is that free advertising? Does the game say 'Buy DMC at the end of the game or something?'

Please if you must come up with the tin foil hat theories try to put some sense in it. Like the people who say Big Daddy is only in it to advertise the new Bioshock. There are no Big Daddys in the new Bioshock and anyone who hasn't played Bioshock has no idea what game he comes from. So what kind of half @$$ advertising will that be? I don't see any signs in PASBR saying 'Buy Bioshock Infinite' anywhere so where exactly does the advertising kick in? If they stuck in a Handyman that would make more sense but a Big Daddy? What do you think people will run to pick up Bioshock Infinite because a Big Daddy is in PASBR or run to buy the new DMC because he is in PASBR? I don't see what kind of business sense makes at all 'Put new Dante in PASBR.Many people don't know who he is and everyone else hates him and won't accept him and there is nothing indicating that another game exists but hey free advertising'. Who exactly are you advertising to?

Ducky1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

" And anyone who doesn't know who he is doesn't care which Dante he is so how is that free advertising?"

... it's free advertising because now people are aware of who Dante is.

Advertising isn't just about telling people flatly to buy a certain product, it's about telling them that a certain product exists and/or getting people interested in the product. To that extent, BattleRoyale does act as advertising for upcoming games.

Bioshock is getting a new edition which includes the first two games, while Revengance and DMC are also getting released soon. BattleRoyale isn't going to make people run to stores to purchase those games, but it will create some level of interest for those games. It is commonly acknowledged that people will buy products that they feel they are familiar with, which is also something BattleRoyale does. (... and no, I'm not saying that this is the sole reason for BattleRoyale existing)

When buying their next game, someone might pick up the new DMC because they're familiar with the new Dante, while if the old Dante was in BattleRoyale, then that familiarity wouldn't exist.

admiralvic1979d ago

@ Smashcrashbash

Do you understand how marketing works? Because I get the impression you don't...

Marketing is about creating awareness, so it works in Capcoms favor reenforcing that "This is Dante". This will get people interested in who the character is and maybe result in another sale. Either or, it won't hurt Capcom by including this character.

The same is ALSO true for the Big Daddy, since there is the Bioshock infinite level. It's very possible they went with the Big Daddy because Irrational games was okay with loaning the character out (LBP preorder costume) and thus creates awareness of the game. Also as FatOldMan said, they're rereleasing the game, so that also helps.

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abzdine1979d ago

i agree and i'll add Abe to these.
I dont get why they went for the new Dante design

Moncole1979d ago

They went with the new Dante so they can market the new DMC.

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