"Black Nerd" Attacks Wii U Haters

A Black Nerd puts Wii U haters and hardcore gamers in their place.

Andre Meadows of Black Nerd Comedy may be a Nintendo Ambassador and fanboy, but he still loves the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. However, he constantly sees 360/PS3 fanboys and "hardcore gamers" bash Nintendo and its new console the Wii U... a lot of them doing it without even trying it! So "Black Nerd" fights back in the name of Nintendo.

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Neonridr2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

lol, there's this place called outside by the way, it's really nice, its got like sun and stuff.. XD

ape0072130d ago

LooooL this guy is AWESOME, SUBBED to him instantly

BlackNerd2130d ago

Thanks so much for subscribing to my channel!

LOGICWINS2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

@BlackNerd- I agree with pretty much all your points. Although, me not wanting to buy a Wii U has more to do with the lack of appeal Nintendo exclusives have to me as opposed to me "hating" on it or not being able to afford it. I would be interested in playing Bayonetta 2, but as of right now, I see nothing that justifies the purchase of a Wii U.

Even if your a diehard Nintendo fan, why not wait until the inevitable Zelda, SSBB, Donkey Kong, and Metroid titles come out to buy a Wii possibly a lower price point? I never understood the whole mad dash to buy a console at launch when its at its most expensive and has its crappiest games.

There are MANY legitimate reasons to criticize the Wii U. Meager hard drive space out of the box, lack of an optical audio drive, having to buy the pro controller for shooters and fighting games since the gamepad isn't ideal for those who take these genres seriously, barely more powerful than the PS3/360 etc. Its fine for u to call out the haters, but also understand that not all criticisms are hate.

fatstarr2130d ago

lol awesome indeed, he sounds like my comments on n4g.

AO1JMM2130d ago

Same here. He is hilarious!

darthv722130d ago

To be fair, there is a difference between "hardcore" gamers and "core" gamers. While you would think one is derived from the other. That is only partially correct.

Hardcore was coined from the idea of a gamer being so dedicated that they essentially played anything and game related. Be it puzzle or shmup or sports or platform types of games. It was an obsession for that gamer to be as versed in everything gaming as possible.

Sadly, there aren't many like that anymore. That designation you had to earn in the gaming community. For several years now that classification has been replaced by a new one. The "core" which actually is a self proclaimed title by those who feel they can be called that due to the genre of games more so than the amount.

Since the age of the FPS, new players think that by playing these shooters or violent action games or any online based competitive game they are automatically given this title.

That is the problem with younger generation gamers. An entitlement issue that has skewed their way of thinking. They won't acknowledge the existence of other opinions when it comes to what is a game and will look down on those who do not share the Sam pov as them.

There are a few of the original "hardcore" still out there. We are older and have a more sense of respect and can be entertained by the latest action or shooter as much as even the simplest puzzle game.

I say this because the hardcore don't necessarily want to be associated with these "core" because it is them and their attitude towards games systems and others that make it look bad for the rest of us that just want to enjoy this industry.

Baka-akaB2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

Not saying that's your overall point or tactic Blacknerd ... but i'm tired of the recurrent sophistry and "laissez faire" attitude and defense we see for a bunch of game items and game related subjects . especially the "if you dont like it just dont buy it" variety

As commercials products they all deserves sound criticism of their pros and cons , and if fans can't handle the truths or perceived truths about it , they should heed their own crap and ignore what they deems hostile against said products .

A lot of die hard Nintendo fans needs to grow a thicker skin, or better yet realize that criticism you don't necessarily feel the same about still has merit.

It's really getting a bit ridiculous. The logic I'm seeing most times is just... pitiful

Many of the people criticizing the Wii U grew up with Nintendo. If you are over the age of 20 and play on consoles, chances are you grew up with the NES and/or SNES. Classifying people who feel that Nintendo has made a lot of oversights with a 2012 console as "nothing but haters" is really immature.

guitarded772129d ago


Loved the video... you make a lot of good points. There are a lot of detractors when it comes to any console manufacturer or game publisher. It's just part of being successful... you're gonna have haters. It happens in every entertainment medium.

One thing that pisses me off though is if a person has a legitimate concern or criticism, they are burned at the stake by fanboys. I spent $600 on day 1 buying Wii U, games and accessories. I'm kinda let down because Nintendo didn't implement a trophy/achievement system especially since Miiverse is the perfect vehicle for such a system and Reggie said "We'll have all that" when referencing trophies/achievements on Wii U. I'm also concerned at the level of censoring Nintendo is doing on Miiverse and on their Facebook page. I agree that most people are just being stupid hypocrites with their complaints, but some criticism is good for Nintendo and gamers. If we just roll on our bellies every time Nintendo does something we don't like, and do not put some pressure on them to make the best console, games and online community, then we miss out on something great. Nintendo "fans" (I hate to use such general terms) are the worst when it comes to attacking those who constructively criticize the company and they perform a disservice to the gaming community as a whole because of it.

Since you have so much influence in the Nintendo community, would you please ask Nintendo point blank why Reggie said "We'll have all that" when asked about a trophy/achievement system in an E3 interview with GTTV? When anyone asks the question, they get attacked by rabbid Nintendo fans that say "achievements are stupid"... I don't care if they're stupid or not... I care that Nintendo said "We'll have all that", and they're nowhere to be found aside from being able to post to Miiverse when a player performs a certain accomplishment in NSMBU. Your argument for giving Nintendo credit for what they have done with Wii U is only valid if you're willing to criticize when they do something wrong.

MasterCratosKong662129d ago


I know it sounds redundant but your criticisms can also be criticized. When someone points out something wrong with your criticism, it should be heeded just like the original criticism to the subject itself. That's how civil debates work.

vickers5002129d ago (Edited 2129d ago )

"That is the problem with younger generation gamers. An entitlement issue that has skewed their way of thinking."

Yes, because older gamers don't have entitlement issues at all.


I agree with most of what you are saying, but to imply that older gen gamers are all (or mostly) true gamers (the ones who enjoy all genres of gaming)and all or most younger gamers are just self centered entitled brats who think themselves superior to other gamers because they play violent games/shooters is a huge generalization and simply not true.

I've seen just as many older gamers put down other peoples opinions as I have younger gamers, and just as many entitled older gamers as I've seen younger gamers.

It would be absolutely stupid to believe that this is simply a generational thing. This is an individual personality thing.

Being an entitled/ignorant a*hole has no age limit, and is not more common in either group of gamer, be it young or old.

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deafdani2130d ago

Sun? What's this "sun" you speak of? Can I eat it?

Knight_Crawler2130d ago

Happy Black Friday to all my people!

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SilentNegotiator2130d ago

Black Chad Warden doesn't consider the real issues.

For one, the large update. It's hell on the basic system's internal HDDs. No, I don't care if YOU have a 2TB external harddrive, some of us want our saves on the internal harddrive and have little to no plans of buying large DD games. We don't all want tumors attached to our systems to have all of our saves by the end of the generation on our system. By the size, it was clearly an important part of the final OS - they should have had it on the Wii U in the first place.

@Gimmicks stuff
The 360 and Ps3 weren't built AROUND the Kinect and Move, however. In MANY reviews, they have found the interface to be slower using the gamepad, as opposed to something like the D-pad.

@Old titles
Uhhh, yeah, he really doesn't make ANY real points there. People just don't feel the need to buy a new system when the main attractions are old games. And he compares collection packs with late ports?

It's easy to be arrogant when you ignore the actual issues. All this guy does is make irrelevant arguments and use a whiny mock voice.

deafdani2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

I'm deaf, so I can't comment on the video per se, but I wanted to counterpoint your arguments:

1. The update isn't THAT large. It's only a bit more than 1 GB in size, not the 5 GB that almost everyone erroneously reported. Although I'll happily aknowledge the fact that it definitely would've been better if it had all those features ready at launch, instead of being put in a day-one update. But precisely because it's not that big, it's also not a big issue, and hardly a deal breaker for the system.

As for hard drives, if Nintendo included a large internal hard drive from the start, it would've ramped the cost of the console even further, and we would've gotten less internal space than what we could buy outside with that extra money. Calling it a "tumor" is a bit ridiculous, because the Wii U console itself is ridiculously small, and you can just plug the hard drive on the back of it, and nobody will see it.

2. Interface slower using the gamepad? Can you point me a review where it states that? Because, as a Wii U owner, I can attest that's not true at all. The data streaming from console to gamepad is instantaneous. The interface works exactly at the same speed with the gamepad as it does with using a Wii Remote, and it's actually much faster to tap things on the screen than to navigate them with a normal controller. Oh, and the gamepad has d-pads, too. I don't understand what you're talking about here.

3. Old titles and ports: the Xbox 360 and PS3 had a lot of ports in their launch lineups, but somehow it seems Wii U doesn't have the right to do the same without being heavily criticized for it. And never mind the actual original content, of which there's quite a lot: Scribblenauts, Zombi U, Mario Bros U, Nintendo Land, etc. Oh, and some of these ports aren't exactly old, namely Assassin's Creed, Sonic All Stars Racing, Black Ops 2.

N4g_null2130d ago

All that you said was fine and dandy. SUN!

Yet I'm really liking having my 10 games on a harddrive! You get a message and bammmm you can start playing! No getting up to put a game in! I'm a big fan of disk based software but I'm loving the option to install and launch with out a disk. It is a very pc like freedom.

Omg is the gyro accurate in zombi u and black ops along with Nintendo land. It is way beyond motion plus... It really isn't a gimmick if it works that damn good!

Plus while I'm playing the old wii thur the wiiu I can even adjust the sound from the game pad. Or while I'm playing the wiiu.

While is this console going to make us all fatasses! LoL.

Zombi u has a minecraft feel too it except it is pure survival. You can shut and barricade doors?

It's so good to see the wiiu in final form. To tell you the truth many where still in the dark about many things that would be included in the final system.

The wii emulation has a very emulated look to it... As though the resolution could be changed. Some things are smoothed over while others render as if they where on a pc, interesting.

Powerwise? Gpgpu are a beast at some things. Even Sony is thinking about using one. If Xbox does have sixteen core it will be in the same boat.

Unless they all use an i3 intel chip! Ms has a bad taste in their mouth from that and Sony got raped by nvidia. That leaves arm, IBM, and amd the masters of open cl lol.

This development will actualy make more developers use direct x11 on pc instead of direct x9. If Sony abandons gpgpu computing the programming gurus will jump ship. Oops.

MikeMyers2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

@ SilentNegotiator

So tell us, how large are the save files?

Nintendo is trying to keep the cost down. They don't want to release a $500 or $600 game console. We see time and again storage issues. From the Xbox 360 and not all of them having hard drives, to paying $100 for minimal upgrades in the iPhone and iPad, the Playstation Vita, Even the PS3 and it's original 20GB model was a pain considering how many games require a partial install.

We don't know how limited the hard drive will be on the Wii U unless someone can tell me how many games require large portions of hard drive space to play. I just like the fact they support outside party hard drives. Something Microsoft still doesn't do.

There is simply a lot of negativity surrounding Nintendo, some legit and some not. What is noticeable is a lot of it comes from people who have yet actually spent a great deal of time with it.

Abdou232130d ago

@ scissor_runner

You sayin that you can install the your games and play them without having to put the disk in ?! or were you talking about DD ?!

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Thepcz2130d ago Show
StanSmith2130d ago

He is 100% right. As a 360/PS3 owner, I think the hate on Nintendo is petty and childish. If it doesn't interest you, fair enough. Nothing wrong in that, but to go into every WiiU article, hating and repeating the same tired crap again and again is just plain sad. Those doing that need to find something to do in life as they've clearly got issues.

I'm still getting a WiiU. It looks great. I'll also pick up Sony/MS' next gen offerings too. All this crap about "but, but it's not powerful enough" doesn't mean a damn thing to me.

wishingW3L2130d ago

you could say the same thing about those that go into every article praising Nintendo like a blind sheep from left to right. Everybody sees things differently and have different opinions that's a rule from life.

StanSmith2130d ago

Yeah, you're right. But there's a line. When you start going into every PS3/360/WiiU article, just to trash it (Mika) then those people need to find something better to do.

I'm not against people having different opinions, just those who repeat their opinions blindly in every single Sony/MS/Nintendo article here.

It's one of the reasons why the open zone needs to return on N4G.

jmc88882130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

Actually I don't see a lot of fanboys, just haters.

The people referred to as fanboys are the ones pointing out that we still don't know squat, and the information used to bash the Wii U is dubious at best and full of holes. Hardly fanboys.

There are SOME of course. But for the most part we have the reality brigade against the haterade. With a few sprinkles of fanboys on top.

Fact is we don't know what the bandwidth is of the ram. We don't know it's timings or actual clock speed. We don't know it's latency based on the setup of the console. We don't know the eDRAM, how much is in it. The combined bandwidth of all these things combined.

We don't know much beyond 7XXX GPU.

We don't know much about the CPU.

We have devs that haven't done one line of code on the Wii U bashing it as weak, whereas those that actually have, love it.

We have haters taking all this dubious info and proclaiming it as fact. Using launch titles and more specifically launch title ports developed around the 360 as supposed PROOF of it, even though we know such factors hold newer systems back every time.

You have many of the haters no aware of the limitations that Sony and MS are facing with their new consoles and thinking it's going to be some uber beast that can strangle an abominable snowman while kicking a bigfoot's butt. Those factors...power required (<300 watts versus 700-1500 in PC's)...heat...cost of ng returns...reliability...not wanting to lose money per console...add in's like Kinect 2 and hand manipulator (let alone a tablet controller).

So no, it's mostly haters based on fiction versus the people waiting for facts. Again with a few pro fanboys on top.

At some point all these things will be answered and be facts....but for right now, they aren't. Anyone that says otherwise is being foolish.

r212130d ago

I wonder if this is Turk's cousin, the blerd.

fresh2death932129d ago

he's black and he's a nerd... whats so hard to understand ?