How to Take and Share Wii U Screenshots

"Taking screenshots with the Wii U is easy. It’s a shame there’s not much of a point to it at the moment, but you can share your in-game moments with other Wii U owners in Miiverse." - Dustin Triplett of

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NukaCola1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Thisa seems a bit complicated. No way you'd ever get a good shot in ZombiU

The_Infected1761d ago

Have you been in Miiverse? They are tons of great screenshots people have took for ZombiU and other games. It's not complicated at all. You press the home button and it takes a screenshot. How much easier could it be? Lol

The_Infected1761d ago

So how is it easier than pressing one button for a screenshot?

FinalomegaS1761d ago

this is actually easier,

this isn't just screenshot but screenshot+posting

if you find it complicated then you obviously should not bother with it and just doodle on the pad.