10 Years Ago in November: Video Game Edition

"For video games, 2002 was a pretty big year. Looking at just consoles, games and accessories, there was an estimated $10.3 billion dollars of merchandise sold. This, in comparison to 2011′s estimated $16.6 billion, shows that video games are only growing more popular as the years go by. For those of you reading this, you might as well be in for a heavy nostalgia trip and a sudden feeling of being old. We are going to look back 10 years into the past and get a glimpse at some of the most notable video game releases in November 2002. There’s also always the chance that some of you have never heard of or played these games. Hopefully this will educate you and convince to to go back and experience some of these gems for yourself." - Declan McGeachey of

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TheLyonKing2039d ago

Final fantasy 13 was not on anyone's minds either and ten years on we have that to deal with.

2002 I was 10 that's scary to think. Was getting really excited to rock the hell out of ff 10