5 Reasons Why The PC Is The Worst Platform To Game On

Chris of The Games Cabin writes: There are those who will only ever game on their beloved PC, those who insist a console is the only way to play, and the rest of us who don't mind what we play on, as long as we have some fun.

I come from the latter group of people, I don't care if I'm playing a full HD game on a massive TV or some Super Mario on an ancient Gameboy. My problem is that one of my favourite platforms is being ruined, and to me it's all because of the following five points.

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TheLyonKing2211d ago

For some games pc is much better but am not a really hardcore gamer and I game to relax do I like picking up a controller and lazing in my sofa, really is about preference.

Welshy2211d ago

I'm just going to flip my comment from the pro-PC version of this and put it here...

Pc's do one thing and cater to a certain group, consoles bridge the gap and cater to others.

Those who want a PC, by all means go enjoy it. Prefer consoles? That's cool too, just go have fun on your chosen platform!

These articles will never be balanced because what is "better" in the eye of the beholder and completely down to the individual.

BattleAxe2211d ago

@ TheLyonKing

Steam is bridging the gap between hardcore PC gaming and Consoles. Now that Steam has come out with "Big Picture" mode, you can use a 360 controller to control the user interface just as seamlessly as the XMB or LIVE.

Most games that get released on PC have 360 controller support built into them already, so the whole experience is pretty much the same as what you can do on consoles. You even get a friends list and cross game chat through Steam, and its all free.

I'm still on the fence as to whether or not to buy a next gen console, especially since the games on PC are cheaper, you will always have 98% backwards compatibility and the graphics are better.

ATi_Elite2211d ago

Wow I just posted on another PC vs. Console thread 2 minutes ago! So i'll use the same post!

1. hasn't every website on the Internet done one of these stupid PC vs. Console Gaming articles?

I grow old and weary of these dumb articles!

2. Why am I a PC Gamer....Because I enjoy Games that are only possible or only offered on the PC along with the Freedom to Mod and customize My Games and Gameplay to my needs to achieve the ultimate Gaming Experience that fits me!

3. Play on what you prefer both have positives and Negatives but the only thing that matters is the Games!

unapersson2211d ago

I used to game solely on PC but mostly gave it up for the PS1/2/3 when it largely became Windows only. However with Steam on Linux and various Kickstarter projects that may change with the next console transition.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )


So how does that only apply to consoles? Are pc's allergic to sofas?? I don't get logic like yours but many people say that generic comment.

I am pretty sure pc had hdmi before consoles did.
People who talk like that just scream noob.

Do you realize I as a pc gamer have a way better browser than you that works with a controller?

Funny how the world works.

I have my pc experience and your console experience.

We probably use the same controller.

You only have one option.

Just saying that applies to all console gamers who want that option & freedom not just you.

I enjoy the same preference as you when I feel like it.

Not saying pc is better just some facts. Also I love my ps3.

Muffins12232211d ago

Pathetic reasons...most ports are decent and piracy is bad for developers not really gamers( i dont pirate) and controls are good for all games but racing and 3rd person ones sometimes.Controls for fps are much better on pc.And "Computers Are A Pain In The Arse" Please just shut the hell up.Its going to be a pain in the ass for you because your an idiot 12 year old.

Kurylo3d2211d ago

you do realize that 360 controllers can be plugged into the pc to be used. I do it all the time, batman arkham city is better on the pc for one.. uses directx11 with tesselation... game looks far superior to consoles... So this guy sounds like someone just looking for hits by spewing nonsense and trolling.

Rex_Aeternae2211d ago

I completely agree with you I just want to put out there that ps3 controllers can be used as well (if for instance, you have a ps3 and not an Xbox 360) and a ps3 controller can be used to emulate and Xbox controller using the software anyway.

Abriael2211d ago

I've seen at least 20 articles like this, and ALL of them were pathetic.

xursz2211d ago

can't help but laugh every time i see one of these "5 Reasons...." articles.

iistuii2211d ago

"Take MW3, no controller support " lol. Try using a controller on a PC multiplayer game, you'd get completely owned. Stupid reason.

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