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EGM: "As much as I’d love to heap praise on ZombiU for a smashing debut on a console that needed a good proof-of-concept, it ultimately comes off as a game that tried to get there the easy way—and failed. I applaud Ubisoft’s desire to bring fear back to the genre while leveraging the Wii U’s unique capabilities, but I wish they could’ve found a way to do so that didn’t require so much needless pandering."

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Firebird3601791d ago

I honestly don't know why this game is getting such terrible reviews. For me it's the best survival horror since res evil nemisis ps1. It's better than dead island or L4D, to me atleast. I'd rate it an 8.5/10

G20WLY1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Better than L4D? Really??!

What about Siren, Dead Space, Fatal Frame, Clock Tower, Corpse Party or Slender, to name a few?

I'm a fan of survival horror BTW ;)

Firebird3601791d ago

I never really enjoyed l4d, to fast paced. Dead space is great but something about zombie u just clicks for me the way old res evil did. It's for me personally my current favorite survival horror.

G20WLY1791d ago

Fair enough. It's easy to speculate that people might be swept up in expectations and the wonder of their new purchase though, so I'm still not sure if this is good or poop lol

The reviews seem all over the place; any thing from great, through average to outright broken.

:( One for the renting pile, methinks...

Monstar1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

IMO Siren was the biggest pile of shit i've played, broken mechanic system, broken episode like story everything about it plain sucked and didn't improve at all from the PS2 version, not to mention the horrid gimmick that was the sixaxis.

Only thing i can give Siren credit for are the graphics/atmosphere and overall design of the blood/plague of the town.

zalanis1791d ago

lol guy, first u pose your question in a obvious sarcastic way, about the game actually being better then L4D, but then u named completely different games when doing the comparison. i.e. dead space, fatal frame etc.etc.which btw, a side from DEADSPACE are not better games then zombie-u. u probably havn't even played zombie-u, its intense in so many different ways. still the 1st dead space is the best survival horror game. just dont knock zombie-u till you've tried it.

G20WLY1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )


What's wrong with you? Regardless of my opinion, it's the critical concensus that L4D is far better than ZombiU. On that basis, I justify my sarcasm. Thank you.

Of course I listed different games; I was making a point - but completely different? No. All survival horror games that scored more than 73 on Metacritc (ZombiU average) and none of which got 4.5/10 from anyone, like this did from Gamespot. You get variation in a genre - otherwise it would be the same game, you see?

Well spotted that I haven't played it, smh, if you read my posts again, I say, "not sure, due to reviews" and "one for the renting pile". You're a sharp one aren't you! (Sarcasm)

Monstar called Siren a POS = knocking it. Not once have I knocked ZombiU, so, despite replying to my posts with these allegations, I'm not sure who's you read??

Allow me a chulrish dig: Kudos to you for defending a game you can't even spell the title of btw, lol

You like ZombiU and that's great; see How I repect your opinion?

Mikito111790d ago

L4D isn't even survival horror half the time, more like arcade shooter.. Is fun though

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attilayavuzer1791d ago

The best survival horror since the PS1 is an 8.5 for you?

StrawberryDiesel4201790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

Better than Left4Dead? You must be smoking crack. L4D came out on November 18, 2008, a week after COD: [email protected] and was the most original and balanced FPS game to come out in ages. While every other FPS was a carbon copy of COD and trying to borrow every single concept from the franchise, Left4Dead came out and was completely unique. It has limitless replayability and the game is incredibly balanced. The characters are awesome and the level design is amazing. The gameplay is very tight and polished, the game has an absolutely awesome art style. Add in the amazing coop experience and it's easily in the top five games that came out this generation and probably the most original FPS in the last decade.

Mikito111790d ago

Art style... I didn't know realistic was an art style...

Btw I like L4D but it does get a bit boring after awhile IMO

ClydeRadcliffe1791d ago

Can't remember a game splitting opinion so much in the last few years

Drainage1791d ago

bullshit. this game is a solid 9/10 maybe higher. its GOTY contender. This is why Resident evil is garbage now. They want ZombiU to be a f****ing FPS machine gun CGI-fest with 50 weapons. They want a 1 smack to the head to be a quick kill, or unlimited ammo. Screw these reviews. I bet they died so much that they played the game on easy with respawn and gave it a low review for sucking.

everyone on the Miiverse has had positive feedback , including joystiq 4.5/5

Monstar1791d ago

COD generation.

These are the same people who gave RE6 shit for not sticking to the roots, and when it was true survival horror complained that it's too slow and boring and needs more action.

Only the hardcore survival fans will enjoy this game, but with the majority of A.D.D 13 year olds plaguing this generation..the game will get smacked.

vortis1791d ago


Your post seems to sum up what I've been reading.

All the "negative" reviews are trashing the very same things all us REAL gamers praised DayZ for doing differently.

Sounds like the petty reviewers wanted COD zombie-fest and instead they got a game that's actually about SURVIVAL!

I've been waiting for a game like this and I'm glad Ubisoft delivered. If the reviewers wanted Left 4 Dead they should go play Left 4 Dead. Not all of us are casualtards who like playing the same game every single year with a different coat of paint.

StrawberryDiesel4201790d ago

WTF are you talking about? The last L4D came out in 2009.

Reverent1791d ago

While I agree that a major reason this game is probably getting some hate is that there isn't enough action, I do think the game needs something to... Well, make it less boring. I mean, It's fun, yeah, but when I played it, it seemed like a HUGE hassle just to kill ONE zombie with the cricket bat, which is virtually the primary and most used weapon in the game. It just isn't fun to kill zombies in this game.

I love DayZ; I love the idea of having to actually "Survive" but when it simply ISN'T fun to kill zombies, then you've got a problem. If this game gets a sequel, I'm sure it will improve upon this and make it miles better.

vortis1790d ago

They made it where it's an average person trying to survive against a zombie. While a lot of people want to whiz through zombies at the press of a button, in real life it would be a little hard to blow out someone's brains with a cricket bat unless you whack them a lot.

ZombiU's focus is on the difficulty of survival, which I think is a different take on the genre. It's about making it where you play an average person trying to battle zombies. That's the game's angle. Killing ONE zombie is hard (sort of how we might imagine it to be in real-life to literally smash in brains.)

So it makes sense they took this route. It's definitely not going to be a game for everyone though, but I applaud Ubisoft for at least going a different route than all the typical shooters on the market right now.

Reverent1790d ago

And don't get me wrong, I love the idea of that. The problem with that particular issue (with the cricket bat) is that it takes a random amount of hits to kill a zombie. Not a predetermined amount of hits. So in a sense, yes, that could make it more realistic, but it can be extremely frustrating to deal with in game. Sometimes, it will take 3 hits to kill a zombie. Other times, it will take anywhere between 10-20.

You have to understand where the line between real life and video games cross. I'm all for having super realistic video games, but if for example I play Battlefield 3 online, I'm gonna want to be able to get killed and respawn in 5-10 seconds, not wait months after months for my virtual soldier to heal up in a hospital. There just needs to be a way to maintain realism, but still have all the fun of a video game.

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