Blu Ray on Xbox 360 Rumor Loses Steam

While it's very likely that there will be a Blu ray add-on for the Xbox 360, the new rumor started by Australian technology site, Smarthouse, doesn't carry much weight since they've done this in the past. Xbox fansite XF did a quick search and found that Smarthouse is the same site that reported to have confirmation of an internal HD DVD drive from a so called insider only a few months ago.

So while it's likely there will be a new add-on at some point. The credibility of Smarthouse is brought into question regarding the "insider" info. It appears to be more of a guess based on the links provided by XF. The evidence says a lot.

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Hatchetforce3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

I love ignorant comments. Especially the one at the site in this story.

"This would be a good add on for people that don't have a blu ray player already and don't want to send a couple hundred dollars."

What an idiot. Does this moron really believe a Bluray external drive would be less than $200. I would be lucky to make it in at $299. The sheer stupidity of some people is amazing.

TheExodus3652d ago

Question is why would MS support Blu-ray now? I understand their support of HD DVD because they were chasing a potential revenue stream via HDi licensing which made HD DVD an investment, but there is no potential revenue stream waiting for MS with Blu-ray which would make support at this point nothing short of charity.


They would only make one to sell another accessory that consumers may want.

But M$ is all about Downloading HD movies, I was alittle surprized at the HD-Dvd thing myself.

sonarus3652d ago

well if blu ray becomes a selling point for consoles expect msoft to integrate it into their console somehow. Just like when network connectivity became a selling point for ps2 and they had to put it in. Just like achievements have to a sense become a selling point ps3 is putting it in. Just like gamecube not being able to play dvd's was pretty bad for them. Its all the same once msoft see's blu ray selling ps3's they will be doing everything they can to erase that advantage. They will probably try downloadable content for a while but blu ray will have the edge cus of hype and all so the consumer will most likely still want a blu ray drive. Msoft will be forced to erase sony's advantage by doing what ever they can to integrate it into the 360 if they can't expect them to be announcing xbox 720 in a couple of yrs and then we'll really be able to tell if blu ray is necessary for games or not

TheExodus3652d ago

Wii can't play DVDs, HD DVDs or Blu-ray discs & it's being adopted at twice the rate of PS2.

Keyser3652d ago

I don't believe the Wii will be selling like hotcakes for long. I know that is an unpopular opinion but honestly, do you believe that most people are buying the Wii for Mario, Zelda, or Metroid? I have not heard any casual gamer say they wanted a Wii for what a serious gamer would consider a real game.

People like Wii Fit, Wii Play, and Wii Sports. I honestly don't believe that will sustain them past this Christmas. I believe it will stay hot throughout this year but soon begin to fade away.

I'm not trying to preach doom or gloom for the Wii. What I'm stating is that the that the appeal that it has will be difficult to sustain and eventually unsustainable.

MOST Wii owners don't have a bunch of games and never intend on buying a lot of games for the system. I want a Wii for SMG, Zelda, and Super Smah Bros. Brawl. I don't know if I'll ever get a Wii but I would want to play real games. I'm assuming most people who aren't serious gamers would feel the opposite of the way I do.

I'm not saying that there aren't serious gamers who solely own a Wii or some sort of PS3Wii60 combo. My comment is focused on the group of Wii owners who aren't serious gamers.

This is all guess work from me. I have no stats to back this up. All opinion and assumption. I've been wrong was a Thursday in 1985. (in September I think)

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GunShotEddy3652d ago

Makes sense. Sounds like Surfer Girl guessing. Someone says it and all of a sudden it becomes fact. Just another day

rawd3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Bluray licensing fee: ONE BILLION DOLLARS PER UNIT


eagle213652d ago

Hd dvd is a massive failure. If they don't make a formal announcement congratulating Sony and the BDA, they are sore losers. Next time you want to support a format MS, make some real contributions to the film industry. Why are you even here?

lodossrage3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

part of the reason HD DVD loss is because MS BARELY supported it.

Ok, they have the HD DVD drive. So what? Have you EVER ONCE seen even a single commercial to advertise the drive? I know I haven't. Some people didn't even know it existed. And that is a FACT because I had to literally SHOW it to my brother that the drive is real.

They should have just included HD DVD into their 360 if they wanted to compete. But then again if they did that, they would have had the same high price tag as the ps3.

Either way, if MS is griping, they have nobody but themselves to blame because they hardly lifted a finger in support of HD DVD.

TheExodus3652d ago

Congratulate Sony & BDA? DVD will continue to dominate the home video market for the foreseeable future. HD DVD may have failed, but the game is far from over. Toshiba, MS, Universal & Paramount will obviously have to re-evaluate their strategies for DVD replacement. In the short term Universal & Paramount, as content providers, will undoubtedly transition to Blu-ray, but you can rest assured that Toshiba & MS are already plotting their next assassination attempt on Blu-ray.

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