New Super Mario Bros. U Review | Machinima

Machinima: "There are curmudgeons out there who will skip this game because of the liberal Mario throwbacks, but they’re missing the forest for the trees. Inventive level design, loads of content, and the shockingly profound boost mode make this one of the best 2D platformers out there. If you’re picking up a Wii U there’s no question – let Mario U remind you why the series is one of gaming’s best."

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KrisButtar1980d ago

this game looks like a lot of fun

guitarded771979d ago

It is a lot of fun. Reminds me of Super Mario World... it's nostalgic in a good way, and Mario looks great in HD.

josephayal1980d ago

the game may not look radically different

daclynk1979d ago

so judge on a game base on how the game looks.

FlairSomewhere1979d ago

And yet every level is different.

So why are we complaining about visual style?