Kat Has Some Unique Traversal Abilities in PlayStation All-Stars

Push Square: "Gravity Rush’s popular heroine Kat will boast some unique traversal techniques when she’s added to the roster of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as post-release DLC. Chatting with Push Square at a recent launch event in London, former Capcom employee Seth Killian told us that the loveable protagonist will be able to “move around the screen like nobody else”. Unfortunately, the dizzy diva is not quite working as intended at the moment."

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Y_51501794d ago

Interesting and I'm glad she's going to be free soon! :)

El_Colombiano1793d ago

I'll take her for free any day.

CaptainSheep1794d ago

That is such a hot picture... Ahem, I mean, I can't wait for when they release the DLC. xD
Kat already has some good moves. Just wanna know who her rival is! Is it confirmed to be Graves?

get2sammyb1794d ago

I think it's going to have to be, unless they've got more unannounced content in the pipeline.

Conzul1794d ago

Yeah they should just take her special attacks right out of Gravity Rush and put them in Battle Royale. They're perfect already!

homer1793d ago

You poor poor lonely person admiring cartoon characters. I hope you find happiness.

Aghashie1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

@ homer

come on buddy, where is ur sense of humor. don't tell me u have never looked @ chun li in some, ahem, inappropriate ways.

izumo_lee1794d ago

Dissecting Seth Killian's words it looks like Kat-chan will be able to run up walls & fly across the screen just like she did in her game. Looking forward to seeing her in action as well as Emmett.

Williamson1794d ago

Really excited about this! Will pick the game up soon since she's in it, but I wonder who else they going to add later on?

Lord_Sloth1793d ago

Why wait? Pick it up now! Game's awesome!!!

Williamson1793d ago

Just don't have the cash rite now since I spent a lot in the last 3 weeks. From what I played in the beta, I know I'll have blast playing this game.

Lord_Sloth1793d ago

I can understand that. I traded in a few games I no longer played or just plain hated (we all make bad purchases) to lower the price. XXXD

sypher1794d ago

Game released today here in the UK. Unboxed my steelbook version, really cool. We got an instruction manual too, noticed it was missing on the US versions?

get2sammyb1794d ago

How are you enjoying the game so far? It's fun, isn't it?

sypher1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Yeh i loved the beta, so the full game i just knew i wouldn't be able to put down!

Have to think the reason we haven't heard anything about Crash and Spyro is that Superbot/Sony couldn't come to an agreement with Activision about the characters. Probably the same with any Square character. It could even be because they have their own fighting game planned like they did with Ehrgeiz.

Kat is going to be really interesting to play, as for Emett. Are we thinking closer to Radec's style with the ability to drop stuff on people at long range as well as shoot guns?

ForgottenProphecy1793d ago

You got an instruction manual? :( it's a huge pet peeve of mine when games don't come with one

sypher1793d ago

Yep mine too. All my vita games, no manual :p I know some poor tree out there is alive because of it but i like my manuals :D

Y_51501793d ago

I think the PS3 disc has a on disc digital manual.

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The story is too old to be commented.