Spore 'less than 1% of what we could possibly do'

Maxis' ideas for Spore are so vast that the game as it exists today represents only one percent of what the developer could do with it, according to producer Thomas Vu.

"Speaking as a developer, we always want more. With a game like Spore, when you start imagining what could be in there, the scope of it is enormous", Vu told CVG last week.

He explained that, because of Spore's nature, Maxis had to sit down and be very specific about what it wanted to include, but said that "This is like less than one percent of the things we could possibly do"

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bootsielon3652d ago

I don't think you'd be able to do 10% on the Wii or DS solely for processing power constraints. Will Wright is an ambicious developer, he should have chosen PS3 as the lead development platform.

This can only be a confirmation of future expansion packs the way EA milked everyone's pockets with the Sims and microtransactions on XBL and PSN.

wageslave3652d ago

What would be the point of choosing PS3?

The CELL is a signal processor, and clearly, Spore is about general purpose programming.

What are you talking about?

gEnKiE3652d ago anyone else not caring for this game?

mintaro3652d ago

ive actually been waiting a long time for this game

gEnKiE3652d ago

I just hope I get proven wrong. I'm now downing the game or anything but im just tired of getting disappointed with games hyped up like this.

wageslave3652d ago

I'll be pre-ordering this game. Maxis is one of my alltime favorite developers. Didnt really care for The Sims, but I played the heck out of every other one of their Sim games.

kewlkat0073652d ago

Seeing the videos of this game and the possibilities, and having it, not be required, to upgrade to the best Graphics Card, I will be playing this on my PC.

It's def not your run of the mill game...

xplosneer3652d ago

IS this Wii only or still for PC?

gonzopia3652d ago

PC and Mac, not sure about the Wii.

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