IGN UK Reviews FIFA Street 3

IGN writes: "Everyone loves a little samba football. The step-overs and feints as most famously practiced by the two Ronnies (Ronaldo and Ronaldinho) never fail to evoke admiration from fans and they certainly suggest a more exotic game than the humble throw-in, frenzied clearance or desperate goal mouth fumbles that more readily mark out our national pastime. FIFA Street 3 – a game with no throw-ins, no long balls, and certainly nothing as dull as the offside rule – isn't concerned with muddy knees and scoreless slogs, and instead offers a bulging sack of trickery with which to dazzle amongst sun-kissed backdrops and impossibly gorgeous locales. It's a little like taking charge of one of those pre-World Cup football commercials that are dripping with cash and ego. That wouldn't be such a bad thing, if it weren't for the fact FIFA Street 3 has about as much depth and lasting appeal as said advert".

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